Let your intuition

be your

business coach

Let your intuition

be your

business coach

Do you rely on others to tell you the right way for you to be in business?

Perhaps you find yourself running every decision by your coach,

Or adding the latest marketing course to your (mostly unwatched) collection,

Or joining yet another business Facebook group,

And worst of all, (hello comparisonitis!), checking out how every other entrepreneur on Instagram does business…


Female entrepreneurs commonly seek external validation when it comes to growing our business.

Yet we have access to the most powerful tool that the universe has provided – our intuition.

We just have to remember how to TRUST that inner voice and turn it from a whisper into a roar!

So are you ready to reclaim the best business coach you could ever have?

Your business is unique.

You are unique.

YOU are the only one who truly knows the right path for your business.

To learn how your intuition can be your new business coach, join me in these sacred spaces:

Biz Alchemy Podcast 

My Newsletter

YouTube Livestreams

Biz Alchemy Podcast 

My Newsletter

YouTube Livestreams

“But Jacquelyn,” I hear you say,
“what if I struggle to hear my intuitive voice?”

Then, beautiful soul, I invite you to take the most important step you can take in creating an intuitively-led business and “Meet your Business”.

Understanding that your business is a separate energetic entity to you with its own blueprint for its mission on earth, completely changes the way you approach business.

As you learn to communicate and co-create with your business, your intuitive voice becomes stronger.

Before long you won’t take any action recommended by your coach (no matter how much you paid them), the new course that guarantees $20K months, your well-meaning biz buddies, or even the Facebook algorithm (not so well-meaning), without checking in with your business first.

Once your business has given you the all clear, then you can follow that advice knowing that your intuition is leading the way!

Does this sound like the perfect way to BE in your business?

If so, here’s how I will support you to create the intuitively-led business of your dreams:

Personal Sessions

During one to one sessions, I use clairvoyance and clairaudience to identify and transmute the stories and beliefs in the energy body of you and your business, that are sabotaging your success .  

B Playground No BG

Biz Alchemy Playground

My community of inspirational women who are saying no to the patriarchal model of business and yes to creating a business of ease, fun, spaciousness and abundance.

Receiving Channel No BG

The Receiving Channel

My Patreon channel supports you to receive everything you require for your soul’s mission this lifetime. Choose a membership level that best suits your receiving needs.

Thank you to the kind, gorgeous and talented Jacquelyn, you never fail to shift things for me. The clarity from our sessions has supported me to make some really big, bold decisions in life and business from a place of complete trust and knowing. I believe everyone should have you on their support team whilst navigating growth on the entrepreneurial journey.

Jo Bendle


Biz Alchemy Playground connects women all over the world who are bringing their light together. The opportunity to share and gather inspiration is powerful, and I am honoured to be a part of such a beautiful  group raising the vibration. The content in the portal constantly brings me back home to myself, so I can bring the best of me into my life and business.

Anita Kaiser


I so love being part of Jacquelyn’s Receiving Channel through Patreon! Learning to ask for help has been a huge lesson for me and I’ve come to learn just how important receiving is as part of that.

The Receiving Channel is such a delicious way to nurture and nourish myself and I am so very glad to be a part of it. 

Claire Kerslake





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