Are you a woman entrepreneur who feels blocked in expressing 

your business message to your ideal clients?

Would you love to let more of yourself shine through in your business message?

 There is a hidden story which could be sabotaging you from expressing your true message to your clients.



It’s in your energy body.

Jacquelyn helps you find it and clear it.

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to discover how I read your energy body to identify and shift blocks you have to clearly expressing your unique message

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3. Energetic Blueprint

“I had an energetic blueprint session with Jacquelyn and I have to say it was AMAZING! The session itself was tremendously healing, I could feel shifts taking place as Jacquelyn worked. For three hours afterwards I was supercharged! I did need to slow down and take some “integration time” after that, but this week I have been on fire! I’ve made strides in my business (I’m meeting the organiser of my local TedX event soon) and personal life (my son is travelling at the moment and has called me TWICE just to say hi with no prompting -it’s like a miracle!) I think the session has cleared blockages not just that were stopping me speaking my truth, but that were deflecting inbound communication too…

Anyway, I loved it so much I’m booking another session, and if you’re on the fence about booking, I suggest you get off and book yourself in too. Truly, this is life-changing stuff…” Karen Quinn

Liverpool, UK

“Jacquelyn has been my coach for 9 months and I have found our time together to be transformational, both personally and professionally. Jacquelyn creates a safe, compassionate space for self-discovery and the deep inner work that is needed to achieve clarity and dissolve blocks that get in the way of living in alignment with your life purpose. She has a diverse toolkit of powerful coaching and energy work skills that enable her to offer deep, heart-centered listening, to tune in energetically beyond the spoken word, and to facilitate self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment in her clients.  I highly recommend Jacquelyn, she is a joy to work with.” Christine Gentry


“Doing intuitive coaching sessions with Jacquelyn has had a profound impact on me. She has a natural intuition and matched with her developed tool kit of processes she expertly guided me to parts of self previously unmet.

I found Jacquelyn to be exceptionally compassionate; she held space for vulnerability and perspective to emerge. Receiving the gift of being witnessed in this way has given me the ability to do the same for myself. If you want to tap in to what’s happening at your core and fast track yourself towards the experiences you really want in life then coach with Jacquelyn!”

Lou Iacano