Something in your life isn’t working.

Perhaps it’s your relationship, career, finances, health or personal growth…


And you have absolutely no idea how to change it.

You’re ready to look deeper. You’re ready for things to change. You’re ready to know yourself better.


As an energy healer and holistic life coach, Jacquelyn helps you explore how you can use the wisdom stored in your energy body to make lasting changes in your life.


You’re feeling stuck and uninspired about your future.

You feel like there should be more to your life but you have no idea what it is.

Maybe you resent that you’ve followed your partner’s dreams and not made time to find your own; or that your kids have grown and left a hole you don’t know how to fill; or that you’ve put up with an unsatisfying job because it pays the bills.

You feel at a crossroads. EVERY DAY.

You ask yourself “Is this it? Is this all there’ll ever be to my life?” and maybe on a really insightful day after an extra coffee you ask, “What do I want. REALLY?”

What you want is to be clear, focused and have a goal that you’re working towards.   Not just any goal or anyone else’s goal but your own inspired goals – the ones that come from your heart, uplift you and make you feel full and alive!

Is THIS what you want?

Mmmmm…I thought so.

Then it’s time to stop procrastinating. It’s time to discover and live those dreams!

I will hand you the key to live the life you really want.

 Want to find out how? 

Book a free 15 minute Life Purpose Coaching Consult with me to discover more about my unique style of holistic coaching and energetic alignment as a powerful pathway to realizing your goals. Then get ready to take leaps and strides towards an enriched life!

“Jacquelyn has been my coach for 9 months and I have found our time together to be transformational, both personally and professionally. Jacquelyn creates a safe, compassionate space for self-discovery and the deep inner work that is needed to achieve clarity and dissolve blocks that get in the way of living in alignment with your life purpose. She has a diverse toolkit of powerful coaching and energy work skills that enable her to offer deep, heart-centered listening, to tune in energetically beyond the spoken word, and to facilitate self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment in her clients.  I highly recommend Jacquelyn, she is a joy to work with.” Christine Gentry


“Doing intuitive coaching sessions with Jacquelyn has had a profound impact on me. She has a natural intuition and matched with her developed tool kit of processes she expertly guided me to parts of self previously unmet.

I found Jacquelyn to be exceptionally compassionate; she held space for vulnerability and perspective to emerge. Receiving the gift of being witnessed in this way has given me the ability to do the same for myself. If you want to tap in to what’s happening at your core and fast track yourself towards the experiences you really want in life then coach with Jacquelyn!”

Lou Iacano


“Jacquelyn has many strategies and meditations that are simple and yet so profound. I have appreciated her guidance in these exercises that have led to some clear choices for me.
I feel very supported, trusting and safe in her coaching sessions. I can highly recommend Jacquelyn.”
Jannine Barron

Director, Nature's Child

“Jacquelyn uses a coaching method that is gentle, affirming and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and came away each time  with a feeling of clarity and a tangible goal. Jacquelyn gave me the confidence to explore many aspects of my life – business,  personal and emotional, always validating my concerns or achievements. I can’t recommend her highly enough! I had epiphanies on my life and habits resulting in my life improving immeasurably.”
(The informal version: ” Seriously,  after my sessions with Jacq, I got myself a man, a good job offer, the guts to travel again, renewed confidence and generally a lot of my sh*t together!”)
Caroline Crooks


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Jacquelyn Atkins Life Coach

I'm a coach who supports women who are feeling stuck in some area of their lives, are ready for change, and motivated to take a step towards their dreams.