Do you want a deeper connection with your intuition,

so each decision you make is the perfect choice for you?


Imagine how different life will be when you are clear on your choices, trusting each decision will take you exactly where you need to be…


The solution is in your energy body.

A clear energy body gives clear intuition.

By realigning your energy body, Jacquelyn helps you build a deeper connection with your intuition. 

Your world has started expanding. You’re feeling more in touch with your intuition which is so exciting for you! Except that it’s telling you that there are things in your life that must change… and that’s tough to hear.

You’re changing, but the people and things that make up your life aren’t.


Your friends don’t seem to get you anymore so you hold stuff in. You want your voice to be heard but who can you share it with? You’re yearning for a group of people who’ll inspire you and get you.

You’re yearning to get yourself.


Why are you questioning your life and who you are? You’ve got through the first half of it pretty smoothly without the need to upset the applecart, so what has changed?


You. You want to discover how to live your life in your full potential. The years are slipping by and you’re fed up with living your own life using someone else’s formula.

You’re ready to find your own unique formula. But how???

The first step is to know the story that is in your energy body. Your energy body holds everything that has ever happened to you – the good and not so good. It is filled with blocks that you have no idea are there, yet you wonder why some things in your life never change? It is also filled with the seeds of your potential – your gifts and possible directions.


Your energy body reveals your unique formula for this life. It is also a treasure map for how to apply the formula to create the life you know in every part of your being that you are meant to live.

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“Jacquelyn has been my coach for 9 months and I have found our time together to be transformational, both personally and professionally. Jacquelyn creates a safe, compassionate space for self-discovery and the deep inner work that is needed to achieve clarity and dissolve blocks that get in the way of living in alignment with your life purpose. She has a diverse toolkit of powerful coaching and energy work skills that enable her to offer deep, heart-centered listening, to tune in energetically beyond the spoken word, and to facilitate self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment in her clients.  I highly recommend Jacquelyn, she is a joy to work with.”

Christine Gentry


“Doing intuitive coaching sessions with Jacquelyn has had a profound impact on me. She has a natural intuition and matched with her developed tool kit of processes she expertly guided me to parts of self previously unmet.

I found Jacquelyn to be exceptionally compassionate; she held space for vulnerability and perspective to emerge. Receiving the gift of being witnessed in this way has given me the ability to do the same for myself. If you want to tap in to what’s happening at your core and fast track yourself towards the experiences you really want in life then coach with Jacquelyn!”

Lou Iacano


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Jacquelyn Atkins

I'm a coach who supports women who are feeling stuck in some area of their lives, are ready for change, and motivated to take a step towards their dreams.
Jacquelyn Atkins
Jacquelyn Atkins1 day ago
Shut up is an unusual Museday topic but so relevant to why many of us have trouble expressing our true thoughts or our true selves! Were you ever told to keep quiet as a child? Then you'll relate to my musings about how this may have carried over into your adult self-expression...

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