Are you a woman entrepreneur who feels blocked in expressing 

your business message to attract your ideal clients?

Your heart is filled with passion for what you do, so why aren’t your clients hearing your message?


The source of these blocks can be found in the chakras and aura of your energy body. Very often you have no idea they’re there.


Jacquelyn will find and clear those blocks so that your ideal clients can find you!

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Book your free 15 minute session to discover how I read your energy body to identify and shift blocks you have to clearly expressing your unique message

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3. Energetic Blueprint

“I just had my first mini energetic blueprint session with Jacquelyn and O-M-G!
She is incredibly insightful and clear and gets right to the heart of the matter.
She echoed so many things I had already felt or touched on which gave me confirmation of my path and really clear guidance on how to allow that flow.
I loved that this session was more a conversation than a reading and that she gave me tangible takeaways and homework to help me move forward into all that is waiting for me.
Thank you so much Jacquelyn – I’m so looking forward to my full blueprint session and my business blueprint also and have already booked both.”
Miriam Castilla

Adelaide, Australia

“I had an energetic blueprint session with Jacquelyn and I have to say it was AMAZING! The session itself was tremendously healing, I could feel shifts taking place as Jacquelyn worked. For three hours afterwards I was supercharged! I did need to slow down and take some “integration time” after that, but this week I have been on fire! I’ve made strides in my business (I’m meeting the organiser of my local TedX event soon) and personal life (my son is travelling at the moment and has called me TWICE just to say hi with no prompting -it’s like a miracle!) I think the session has cleared blockages not just that were stopping me speaking my truth, but that were deflecting inbound communication too…

Anyway, I loved it so much I’m booking another session, and if you’re on the fence about booking, I suggest you get off and book yourself in too. Truly, this is life-changing stuff…” Karen Quinn

Liverpool, UK

After working with Jacquelyn I have absolute clarity and faith that what I am doing right now is essential for me going forward both in my personal life and my business. I found the my Blueprint gave me a clear vision about myself and the Business Clearing explained why my business has been stuck for so long. She guided me through the process with such love and support so that I now know where I am headed and what I will do next. She has empowered me to trust the process and to focus on what I need to right now rather than having too many balls up in the air.

Thanks I am looking forward to enjoying this journey into 2019!
Irini Kalis, the Kefi Chick

Hobart, Australia

I’d stopped in my tracks with my voice and visibility during a transition in my business and Jacquelyn was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on and help me to energetically shift things, the process was powerful, beautiful and I felt so at ease, it was a fabulous session and I’ll definitely be booking in for more!

Susan Young


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