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“Thank you for helping me get out of my own way and absolutely SOAR! If you aren’t working with Jacquelyn at least every month, you’re leaving money on the table. She is incredible at what she does!

Adriana Monique Alvarez

New Orleans, USA

“I just had my first mini energetic blueprint session with Jacquelyn and O-M-G!
She is incredibly insightful and clear and gets right to the heart of the matter.
She echoed so many things I had already felt or touched on which gave me confirmation of my path and really clear guidance on how to allow that flow.
I loved that this session was more a conversation than a reading and that she gave me tangible takeaways and homework to help me move forward into all that is waiting for me.
Thank you so much Jacquelyn – I’m so looking forward to my full blueprint session and my business blueprint also and have already booked both.”
Miriam Castilla

Adelaide, Australia

Your intuitive wisdom and vision in ON POINT. I am so blessed to have you as a regular energetic support person and friend. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Medha Paola Murtagh

VIC Australia

“Thank you for my awesome Business Blueprint session! I was so excited and inspired to hear and feel and clear what my business needed to continue to thrive – thank you beautiful! Feeling sooo excited about my next steps!!

Sal Jade

QLD Australia

My session with Jacquelyn was AMAZING! She clearly showed me the connections between current blocks, past memories and experiences and even ancestral memories. I’ve been having ah-ha’s since we spoke. And the energy work she did with me already has me feeling lighter and seeing more potential. Thank you Jacquelyn. It was a joy to talk to you and I can’t wait to book another session.”

Kerri Gray Miller