Biz Alchemy Playground is for female entrepreneurs who:

have embraced their gifts and established a business, but still feel a long way from achieving what they envision for their business.

experience self-doubt about whether they’re capable of having a successful business – all those courses still haven’t resulted in their dream biz. 

feel overwhelmed with trying to follow all the rules they’ve learned about how to do everything in business the ‘right’ way.

take on too much responsibility for others, giving out more than they receive.

feel that they must compromise themselves, their relationships, their family and their free time, to have success in their business.

Yet what you crave is to:

★ Know your unique pathway for business success

★ Attract an amazing tribe of paying clients

★ Have a spacious and ease-filled business

★ Receive the amount of income you desire

★ Clearly communicate your message 

★ Trust your inner guidance about your biz

★ Find a way to market your biz that inspires you

★ Have fun in every aspect of your business!

Biz Alchemy Playground is the answer to finding your unique way to be in business.

NOT by following the proven strategy of dozens of coaches

NOT by constantly buying courses in search of the winning formula

NOT by looking across the lanes at the strategies your biz buddies are using

But by trusting and staying focused on your own lane.

There’s only one business like yours on earth. 

There’s only one of you on earth.

So why would you look for answers outside of your unique path?

Biz Alchemy Playground is the place to un-learn the programming of the traditional model of business, and to discover your authentic path to success.

The Playground is a sacred container

for you to play, learn, experiment, follow your soul path, co-create with your business, and have fun being you and sharing your gifts with the world, while remembering how to receive abundantly.

What’s inside Biz Alchemy Playground?

Modules covering every aspect of business from an energetic perspective with guidance and tools to support your business growth and expansion

Three live calls a month, two for Q&A to address your unique issues and how to clear the energy blocking your progress, and one as a networking opportunity to share more about you and your biz

A beautiful, connected tribe of like-minded women who love a bit of woo with their strategy

An extensive visualisation library covering every type of energy block you can experience in business

Quarterly petite retreats aligned with the seasons

A Telegram group to connect with each other between calls so you always have support

Every quarter you are gifted with a short 1:1 energy reading during a group call

What the members love about Playground:

Join the Playground membership for only AU $80/month!

There is an initial commitment of 3 months to experience all the goodness,

and then your membership is month-to-month, so you can stay for as long as you’re receiving what you and your business require.