During your session, I use my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and channelling to give you clarity and direction about your soul path and business.

One to One Sessions

During your one to one session, I use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to identify and clear any denser energies that are holding back your business.

These energies include memories, beliefs and ancestral stories, and can be held in your personal energy body as well as your business’s energy body. Often you have no idea they are there, but you can’t understand why your business is not evolving in the way you desire.

These sessions turbo-charge your personal and business evolution!

Business Energy Session

The Rose Line Channelled Session $288 AU

+ 10% GST for Australians

If you are ready to go straight to the heart of why you have incarnated this lifetime, The Rose Line Oracles will tell you!

During our 45 minutes together, Jacquelyn channels one or more of the 11 Rose Line Oracles (depending on who has something to say to you) to clarify where you are at on your soul journey and what must be embraced for you to walk your true path.

The Rose Line Oracles include Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Nefertiti and Morgana. All 11 Oracles are powerful beings who incarnated on earth to bring the ancient codes of the rose: the codes of sacred union to enable the expansion of your consciousness into the frequency of new earth.

Are you ready to remember?

Business Energy Session

Alchemy Business Package

The Alchemy package is for female entrepreneurs who are committed to long-term evolution in both their personal life and business. Designed to assist you to transform your business into the ease, spaciousness and abundance of a new earth business, choose from a four or six session package. The sessions can be spaced however you wish, and the package is valid for twelve months.

Depending on what is happening for you at the time of the session, our 45 minutes can focus on your business energy, your personal energy or your soul path. We may even touch on all three!

If you would like a chat with Jacquelyn about how the Alchemy package can support you, send her an email.

* All packages are +10% GST for Australians

Natalie Barney

Natalie Barney

“Jacquelyn has had a huge impact on building a deeper connection between me and my business. Her insights have helped me create a true soul dialogue with my business, one that has confirmed my intuitive guidance and encouraged me to take several leaps of faith. Through regular monthly 1 to 1 sessions, Jacquelyn has shed light on the path forward, bringing clear, practical steps that I could take to expand my business. Through her coaching and mentoring she has opened a world of brand new possibilities.”