About Me


Since joining the entrepreneurial world has it been difficult for you to reach your ideal client with your message?

You established your business to share what you love knowing that your gifts are life-changing, but your clients aren’t finding you. It’s as if you’re wearing an invisibility cloak.

The reality is that they are waiting to hear your true voice, and suddenly you’ll be on their radar.

But what on earth does finding your true voice mean?

You try to speak your truth but know that there are times you hold something back because you feel vulnerable or scared that your heartfelt message could be judged. Not just by potential clients but by your colleagues, friends or family…

Oh, I hear you!

I’ve spent my lifetime searching for my true voice. Like so many of you, I grew up with an expectation by others – family, school, society – to live my life a certain way. We weren’t taught to tune into our hearts about what was right for us, and so much of our true self-expression was shutdown by school-age.

We became what others expected us to become, expressed what we were told was correct to express and forgot the inspiration of our childhood hearts.

Then we embarked on the entrepreneurial journey, not just to be our own boss and run a successful business (although on the surface this may be what we thought!), but to find our true expression…

My search for my true voice

I’ve always loved communicating. With my powerful speaking voice I came into my own on stage – my career choice when I left school was physiotherapy or acting… However I also had a deep belief that I couldn’t sing and so I simultaneously denied my voice. This was actually why I chose not to study acting because I wanted to be able to act AND sing on stage – I loved musical theatre!

However I was also a healer at heart, and choosing physio came from a strong desire to serve others so they could function at their best. Ten years later, the focus on the physical body became limiting for me, so I swung the other way and immersed myself in the study of energy healing.

Beginning with a foundation in pranic healing, I later developed my own form of sound healing. Yes, the irony that I didn’t believe I could sing but then became a sound healer using my voice, isn’t lost on me!

The sound healing was such a gift for me because it opened up my clairvoyance and clairaudience, which became an integral part of my energy work and is the foundation of my work today.

Healer I may have been, but I let my love of communication emerge in other ways. I’ve worked as an events coordinator; organiser and guide of sacred site tours around the world; travel website copy-writer; and I’ve run many workshops and meditations related to my healing work.

I entered the online entrepreneurial world in mid-2017. I had become a holistic life coach to create an online career that would allow me to work between Australia, my home, and England, where my partner Mark lived. For 6 months I offered life coaching but I couldn’t find my voice in that market.

Then one day early in 2018 it hit me – I was denying my skills in the energetic realm. THAT was the work that made my heart sing. THAT was my true voice. I was an Energy Alchemist but I wasn’t giving that part of myself expression.

As soon as I began to incorporate my energy work into my business and speak with my true voice, my clients began to find me. I started to release the energetic blocks I held about vulnerability and being judged. I claimed all of me with confidence! My voice felt clearer and truer than it ever has.

But my journey was just beginning. As my business expanded, I began to explore the energetic connection I had with my business entity. Seeing my business as a partner changed everything for me. I began to read its energy and identify where it held blockages and where its potential lie. Then I began to share with my clients the gift of understanding their business’s energy body. Now I was really embodying my true voice!

And this is what I offer you, amazing entrepreneur. I’ll support you to remove those blocks to expressing your true voice so you can be heard by the many clients who are fully aligned with you. I’ll help you create a powerful partnership with your business so that you can be of service doing what you love, while being well-paid for it.

If you’d love a more in-depth exploration of my journey to embody my true voice and the challenges I encountered on that path (yep there were several, usually male-related!), I invite you to read my chapter in the Amazon best-selling book Trailblazers.

I look forward to supporting you to share your gifts through your true voice,