You’d love to join me on retreat in a magical location, but which style of retreat is right for you?


The Biz Priestess Retreats focus on the energy of both you and your business and are usually three nights (depending on the location). So if you’d love to dive deeper into creating a business for the new earth, then this retreat is ideal.
The Rose Line Mystery Schools are devoted to your personal evolution and are held over seven nights, with the Mystery School being five days. If you are drawn to the energy of The Rose Line and dedicated to remembering the embodiment of those teachings of higher alchemy, then this deep journey will accelerate your expansion into the new earth consciousness.

Biz Priestess Retreats

Business Energy Session

These magical three night retreats are held at sacred portals around the world, where a magnificent alchemy is created between the land, our group, your business and you.

It is a retreat from ‘business as usual’ to recognise, embody and celebrate the priestess that you are, and how you express your unique gifts through your business.

Gathering as a a group on powerful land brings deep personal evolution, clarity and inspiration around your business path, and soul connection with the tribe who are on this journey with you.

We have come together before in preparation for our return at this moment in time. Do you hear the call?

Business Energy Session

Each retreat is created differently depending on where it is held and the energy of the group of women who come together. Although I will receive some messages about the essence of the retreat beforehand, I don’t plan the day-to-day content. I simply show up each day, read the group energy in that present moment (we are co-creating after all), and bring through the guidance and insight I receive for the whole group as well as each person and business present.

There is group meditation, activation, channelling, conversation and one-to-one readings, as well as lots of integration, nurturing and nature time. And most importantly, an abundance of laughter and fun!

These retreats catapult your personal and business evolution in unimaginable ways.

It will never be business as usual again!

Ester Lemmens

“I’m still landing after this amazing connected experience. The company of like-minded and like-hearted folks was the soul medicine I needed. The Biz Priestess retreat was beautiful, powerful and immersive, and I feel clearer about my path forward than I have in a long time! The surroundings were perfect and I loved the way it unfolded. It really felt like a co-creative experience and I felt truly involved, included and seen. Jacquelyn holds such a beautiful space, and she has such a gift for tuning into exactly what needs to be looked at. I want more of this in my life!”

Upcoming Biz Priestess Retreats

Is the retreat you’d love to attend booked out? Email Jacquelyn to be on the cancellation list.

The Rose Line Mystery Schools

Illuminate your Soul Path TEMP

The Mystery School is an alchemical container for you to remember the many initiations you’ve experienced in other lifetimes under the tutelage of the Lineage of the Rose.

Every Mystery School is held on sacred land that has a vibrational resonance with The Rose Line. This portal will take you on the most profound personal journey into the truth of who you are and your role in co-creating new earth.

For seven nights you will be held by this land and by the group of priestesses who are remembering with you.

Committing to the journey of The Rose Line Mystery School  is a coming home to yourself, your soul tribe, and a land that you have known before.

Illuminate your Soul Path TEMP

For each of the five days of  the Mystery School I receive a theme to focus on. This is all I know until I sit with everyone and tune into the energetic grid co-created by our group and the land. Then the teachings flow through from my higher self as well as whichever beings of The Rose Line appear and ask to be channelled.

The wisdom shared and remembered not only comes through during our sacred teaching circles, but through the meals we celebrate together, the activities we guide each other through, the sacred sites we visit, and the beautiful solitary time we spend on mother earth.

You will be in so much bliss, immersed in the joy of being seen and embraced by your soul tribe, that you truly won’t want to leave.

* Note that the Provence Mystery School is the foundational level and is a requirement for attendance at subsequent Mystery Schools.

Suzanne Gamache

“The Mystery School retreat in Provence was an incredible, life-changing experience. I don’t say that lightly. Tapping into her gifts of intuition and connection to the powerful energies and wisdom of the Rose Line, Jaquelyn guided us on a journey to reconnect to the hidden ancient wisdom of our own Soul and to reconnect ourselves to the Rose Line. The setting was magical in itself; I felt beautifully held as we dove deep. Activations, transmissions, healing, and transformations whilst finding ourselves amidst a beautiful soul sisterhood. I had no idea how much my heart and soul were longing for that (re)connection to other wise women until I was there in the middle of it all. What beautiful gifts Jacquelyn offered all of us through the Mystery School.”