Biz Alchemy™ Podcast


Ep 110: Receive the new moon energy meditation

In this episode of Biz Alchemy released just before the new moon, Jacquelyn shares a powerful meditation to co-create your desires with the new moon energy. Perhaps you set new moon intentions, but how open are you to actually receive the manifestation of those...


Ep 103: Prepare your biz energetically for 2023

In this episode of Biz Alchemy, Jacquelyn discusses the change of energies from 2022 to 2023 and gives some suggestions on how to honour these changes in your business. To help you do this, she invites you to join her 90 minute retreat on Wednesday 14th December,...


Ep 101: Magnetic marketing

  In this episode of Biz Alchemy, Jacquelyn explores why so many heart-centred, conscious entrepreneurs have a dream where all they have to do is show up in their biz and share their gifts, without having to worry about marketing. Instead, all those...