Our ancestors knew that certain places on earth held a sacred energy, and would travel for weeks, months or even years to be in the presence of that frequency.

These places hold a code to unlock something within you. It is a key to your awakening journey.

What would journeying to these sites awaken within you?

The good news is that with our understanding of the transmission of energy, plus modern technology, you no longer have to physically make the pilgrimage – I will bring the gift of the codes to you!

If you haven’t already done so, click the video above to discover more.

When you join me on this sacred journey, you’ll receive 8 activating meditations between May and August, recorded at some of the sacred places I visit during my pilgrimage to walk The Rose Line.

The chosen eight are:

1. A Mary Magdalene site in southern France, where she lived and taught.

2. Glastonbury UK, where the Avalon energy is embodied.

3. Avebury UK, the world’s largest megalithic stone circle.

4. Assisi Italy, home of the mystical healers, Francis and Chiara.

5. Chartres Cathedral France, where the sacred labyrinth connects you with your soul.

6. A mystical and mythical site in central Ireland.

7. Mount Olympus Greece, home of the Greek gods.

8. Delphi Greece, where the sacred oracle shared her wisdom.

*If circumstances prevent me recording at a particular site, I do have back-up sites in France, Bulgaria and Crete!


Ready to have the sacred sites of Europe unlock the truth of who you are, expanding your consciousness to the new earth frequency?


There are two ways that you can participate:

1. The 8 Meditation Journey AU$88* – STILL AVAILABLE

Receive 8 powerful audio meditations from the sacred sites above

2. The 8 Meditation and Personal Activation Journey AU$122* – SOLD OUT

Receive 8 powerful audio meditations from the sacred sites above
PLUS a 15 minute channelled activation recorded specifically for you at the site of your choice.

*Add 10% GST for Australians.

The meditation audios will be emailed to you within a couple of days of being recorded. Spacing between them will vary depending on where I am travelling.


Join the journey any time until the end of August. Meditations already released will be sent to you when you join.