“Working with Jacquelyn regularly over the past 4 months has helped me move my energy body into a wildly better place. The regular check in to release and balance my chakras has allowed a building of energy like putting building blocks on top of each other. My message is clearer, my energy is brighter and I feel I am shining like a diamond. Long may it continue!”

Leila Davis


“Not knowing exactly what to expect I had an Energetic Blueprint session with Jacquelyn. A week later I’m still feeling awesome. I’m noticing that aside from an internal calm, I can just function better (at a higher level) in general. I also feel more confident making decisions. I’m feeling fantastic! It’s like you removed a cloud off of me. I now get what reading energy is all about. Your stuff works.”

Gabby C

Boston, USA

“My business blueprint was a pivotal moment for me and I love that I have clarity about what I am being called to do. Working with Jacquelyn on my business and myself while I up level to meet that aspiration is priceless!”

Bev Roberts


“Love Jacquelyn’s work. As a healer myself having an outside balance every once in awhile just keeps me in my best place allowing me to give my clients my best! Thank you so much!”

Anita Kaiser


“Wowsers – sessions with Jacquelyn are SO much fun, as well as insightful, deep, meaningful and giving awesome clarity. Just LOVE them – thank you beautiful woman.” 

Erena Oliver

New Zealand

My biz blueprint notes from our last session are still sitting on my desk.. I refer to them all the time. There was sooo much gold in it and I can’t wait for the next one!

Miriam Castilla


“This session is amaaaazing!!! I can’t tell you how powerful it is and how wonderful Jacquelyn Atkins is. I loved it so much that I’m having regular sessions all through 2019. This is crazy great value for money… can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Miriam Castilla


“A true energetic alchemist! Powerful energy work combined with action steps that are very grounded and useful. I will come back for tune ups as I go along. Well worth it. The world needs Jacquelyn’s precious gift.” 

Weena Dore