Esther Lemmens is one of Jacquelyn’s first ever clients (and her fabulous graphic designer) and it’s been a joy to witness the deepening intuitive journey that she’s taken over the last few years. 

She is a creative rebel, intuitive designer, and queer mystic. She’s also an artist, podcaster, budding writer, truth seeker, and gentle activist. Generally non-conforming, she likes to refer to herself as a ‘rebel with a cause’. Her motto is “do YOUR thing, YOUR way”, and she passionately believes that authentic, unapologetic and at times radical self-expression is the most important gift we can give to ourselves – and to the world.

In this eclectic chat we cover many things, including how to trust your inner guidance, open to channelling and the flow of light language, as well as finding your unique voice in business.

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