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Biz Priestess Retreats

These three night retreats are held on sacred land around the world, where a magical alchemy is created between the land, the group, your business and you.

It is a retreat from ‘business as usual’ to recognise and celebrate the priestess in you who expresses your unique gifts through your business.

Gathering as a a group on powerful land brings deep personal evolution, clarity and inspiration around your business path, and soul connection with the tribe who are on this journey with you.

Business Energy Session

Each retreat is created differently depending on where it is held and the energy of the group that comes together. Jacquelyn does not plan the content of the event, but reads the group energy in the present moment and brings through whatever she receives.

There is group meditation, activation, channelling, conversation and personal readings, as well as lots of integration, nurturing and nature time.

You will return home a very different person. These retreats catapult your personal and business expansion in a way that you could never anticipate. It will never be business as usual again!

Michelle Ketcham

“I am amazed at how much shifted after just one business energy session with Jacquelyn! Not only did i receive more clarity around my business’s energy and what it needed, my clientele increased just three days after the session!

I was also able to release a lot of stuck emotions and beliefs that helped my migraines almost completely disappear. Plus I noticed significant improvement in my marriage, and we were able to manifest the home we wanted to buy with more ease!”

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