During your lifetimes in the five great epochs you developed extra-ordinary gifts.

It is time to remember them, and embody them in your current incarnation.


This is why you are alive at this pivotal time in humanity’s evolution.


You are remembering.

You are integrating all of who you are.

You know your soul experienced at least one, if not all, of the powerful epochs of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Avalon and an epoch to be revealed.

You sense that you embodied powerful gifts in those epochs, which you are yet to full remember or integrate in your current life.

It is time to REMEMBER.


This is not about being reminded of a lifetime in these epochs by a psychic or healer.

This is about being held in the vibrational frequency of that era, enabling YOU to remember the gifts that you mastered during those embodiments. Incredible gifts that you chose to forget because of the fear generated by the patriarchal systems which cultivated the witch wound.

This is about you reclaiming the wisdom of the Priestess that you are, because those gifts are needed by humanity and the earth NOW!

You’ve created your business as a portal to share your sacred gifts with the world. The full embodiment of your essence is what will shift the consciousness of you and your business into the new earth frequency.


Are you ready to REMEMBER?


Then join me on this epic five week soul journey through the eclipse portal, immersing yourself in the vibrational frequency of each of these potent epochs.


This journey will go even deeper than when I took you through these epochs one year ago. Much more has been revealed to me, and humanity’s rising consciousness is enabling a more powerful remembering for each of you. The phenomenal eclipse energies will midwife this deep remembering process.

Live attendance on the calls is not required on this journey. In fact you’ll find that even if you are live, you will probably listen to the audio of the journey again when you are in a more relaxed space away from the screen.


Our journey will commence on 14th March (13th March in North America).

The dates for each of the 90 minute calls are:

1. Thursday March 14, 12pm AEDT / 9pm ET March 13

2. Thursday March 21, 11am AEDT / 8pm ET March 20

3. Thursday March 28, 11am AEDT / 8pm ET March 27


4. Thursday April 11, 11am AEST / 9pm ET April 10

5. Thursday April 18, 11am AEST / 9pm ET April 17


Each person who joins the journey is contributing to the energetic frequency of the sacred portal, which will enable us to reach the particular vibrational frequency required each week. This includes anyone who cannot be live on the call.

This journey is limited to 22 participants to ensure that everyone is able to receive a personal message from me each call (everyone receives this, even if you’re not live).

The replay will be sent out within a couple of hours of the call being held so that those of you in the European time zones can watch when you wake.

A group chat on Telegram will keep us connected to share our remembrances between calls, and provide connection for those who can’t be live.

This 5 session soul journey is AU $333 (+10% GST for Aussies).


Join with a payment plan of 2 x $170 monthly payments.