Prepare Your Biz

Energetically for 2023


Many of us will be happy to farewell 2022, which I think will be looked back upon as a

turning point for the letting go of many of the old paradigm systems .


And 2023 will be recognised as the time when the seeds of the new paradigm begin to sprout, weaving their truth and their Aquarian energies amongst the ruins of the patriarchal model.


This is not a time to fear the release of the old, this is a time to celebrate the creation of the new.

Your soul has incarnated for this experience!

And as entrepreneurs, we are creating this new paradigm through our own personal evolution and the way we choose to be in business. 


Are you ready to fully commit to the life path you came here to walk?


And what role does your business play in that?


During this 90 minute retreat from the world, I’ll take you and your business on a journey of recalibrating and aligning to the divine plan for you and your biz in 2023.

Whether you’re approaching the introspection of the winter solstice or the expansion of the summer solstice, the retreat will open you and your business to a higher frequency for the next season of your journey into 2023.



Are you and your business ready to step into the new paradigm that is currently birthing in the world?


Are you ready to release any attachments to how you thought that would look and embrace the potential of the unknown?


Then this petite retreat is the portal to do that.


The Retreat is on at two different times:


Retreat #1

11am Sydney Wednesday 14th December / 7pm NYC Tuesday 13th December


Retreat #2

7pm Sydney Wednesday 14th December / 8am London Wednesday 14th December


*If you can’t make it live, you’ll still receive all the fabulous energy in the recording of the retreat you signed up for.


Join me in this alchemical portal for US $11