Mini-Energetic Blueprint  $99

The Mini Energetic Blueprint is for you if you are a female entrepreneur who is:

  • Struggling to communicate your business message and so aren’t attracting your ideal clients

  • Concerned that your message – and more importantly YOU – will be judged

  • Guilty of self-judgment and self-criticism

  • Wanting to let more of yourself shine through in your business message, so it flows freely and confidently

This 45 minute session is a reading of your two most blocked chakras (often the throat and solar plexus, but not always…) to find and start to shift any blocks. You’ll also get some strategies to keep working on the chakra clearing after the session.

This session is a taster of the full Energetic Blueprint which is a powerful reading, clearing and rebalancing of all 7 chakras and your aura.

Thank you so much for your time and skills today.  I got so much out of our session and am feeling lighter and more in tune with myself.  I have never experienced such a profound shift in such a short time before.  I’ll definitely be back for more once I integrate all this. Much love & gratitude to you.

Seeley Kerr


I had a 30 min call with Jacquelyn recently and it was SO synchronistic and informative. Everything shared had value and helped us unpack what needed to be addressed in the short term and is helping me in the days since. Thank you – I will be back 🙂

Erena Oliver

New Zealand