Equinox Balance Retreat


Join Jacquelyn for her petite retreat on the Aries equinox
to harmonise the yin and yang in your life and business.​


Women are awakening to the importance of having more yin time (energy in)
to balance the yang (energy out) of our modern-day lives.

As we juggle the demands of home and business that are embedded in the patriarchal model, a deep part of ourselves is ready to embrace a life of more ease, simplicity, and a powerful connection to our intuition.

Our yin, or feminine energy, is asking us to go within and listen to its guiding voice. The voice that will connect you with a more flowing, intuitive way of being in business.


During this two hour retreat from the world, I’ll guide you and your business on a journey to harmonise the yin and the yang in your life.


Balance the doing with the being. The giving with the receiving.

Whether you’re experiencing the Spring or Autumn equinox, the Aries equinox is the balancing point of dark and light, yin and yang.

It is the time for you to make the choice to create a harmonious way to BE in business, for the coming season and beyond.


Are you ready to embody this new way of being in business?


The Equinox Balance Retreat is on at two different times:


Retreat 1

11am Sydney Tuesday 21st March / 8pm NYC Monday 20th March


Retreat 2

6pm Sydney Tuesday 21st March / 7am London Tuesday 21st March

*All registered participants will receive the recording of the retreat you registered for.


Join now for US $11