Jacquelyn Atkins Solstice Petite Retreat - June Retreat 2023

 Join Jacquelyn for her petite retreat on the Cancer solstice
to navigate and embrace this pivotal moment for your life and business.​


Whether you are entering the light of summer or the darkness of winter, the solstice is a pivot point. It is a point of change that always happens, regardless of whether you are ready or not.

Nature does not fight this pivot point in the seasonal cycle, so why do we, who are beings of nature, find ouselves resisting a change in direction?

We are still reverberating with the powerful energies from the recent eclipse season, which sent an earthquake through our complacency. Whether you received the changes presented to you consciously or unconsciously, you were shown a new path.

If you chose to recognise that path, took a deep breath and stepped onto it, the solstice pivot point will open the way for you to expand into your choice.

If you’ve ignored the whispers of your soul since the eclipse, the solstice pivot point will force you into making that choice. Time is of the essence.


During this two hour retreat from the world, I’ll support you to embrace and expand in the choices presenting themselves to you in your life and in your business.


Remember that your business is a channel for your soul gifts to manifest into the world. It relies on you to hear the guidance from your soul and take action, so that it may fulfill its potential.


The Solstice Petite Retreat is on Wednesday, 21st June, at 10am BST / 7pm AEST


Since I am travelling in the UK during this solstice, the retreat will be offered at one time only. However a recording is available if you can’t be live, so you can have your retreat at a time that is perfect for you.