Equinox Harmony retreat by Jacquelyn Atkins

Join Jacquelyn for her petite retreat on the Libra equinox
to harmonise the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within you.​


For thousands of years we’ve existed within a patriarchal society that has demonised the sacred feminine energy. We’ve been programmed to worship the yang over the yin, the mind over the heart.

We’ve created our businesses following this model, then curse the “busi-ness” of our life.

Yet we crave a life of ease, simplicity, abundance and connection. There is a deep remembering within our body (the yin) that such a time existed, but our mind (the yang) does not believe it.

Your yin, or sacred feminine energy, is asking you to go within and listen to its guiding voice. The voice that will connect you with a more flowing, intuitive way of be-ing in your life and in your business.


During this two hour retreat from the world, I’ll guide you on a journey deep into the sacred feminine energy, revealing the doorway to allow the sacred masculine into your life, bringing harmony to the yin and yang within.

This is your place of power.


Harmonise the doing with the being. The giving with the receiving. The mind with the heart.

Whether you’re experiencing the entry into Spring or Autumn, the Libra equinox is the harmonising point of dark and light, yin and yang.

It is time for you to make the choice to create a harmonious way to BE in your life and business.


This is how the alchemy into the higher consciousness of new earth occurs!


The Equinox Harmony Retreat is on at two different times: 

Retreat 1

Friday September 22nd at 10am Sydney / 8pm NYC (Thurs 21st)

Retreat 2

Friday September 22nd at 6pm Sydney / 9am London

*All registered participants will receive the recording of the retreat you registered for, so you do not have to be live.


Join now for $11 AUD