Carol Fare is an inspirational example of how to find a niche you are passionate about and create your perfect business by following your intuitive guidance. Receiving an ADHD diagnosis in 2021, Carol took time out from her business with its ho-hum niche to more deeply understand why she operates the way she does, and how she could create a business by following Jacquelyn’s favourite mantra “my biz, my rules!”

Carol took her time on the journey to re-create her business, discovering a niche that lit her up (always a good sign when you can’t stop talking about it) and learning to listen to her intuitive voice to guide her choices in both her personal life and business.

This delightful chat with Jacquelyn will inspire you, whether you have an ADHD diagnosis or not, or whether you have your own business or are in a workplace.

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Carol mentions both the Biz Alchemy Playground membership and The Heart of Business mentorship. The mentorship will not be held again in 2022 but the Playground is always open for you to get the support you crave to create an intuitively-led business. Visit to discover more.