Leah Kent is a writer, book coach, and book designer. She helps radiant, creative visionaries bring their books and sacred body of work to life. Through private book coaching and her small group programs, she helps writers stay inspired, focused, and connected to their voice and self-expression throughout the creative process. 

In this chat with Jacquelyn, Leah will undoubtedly inspire you to simply start writing! She offers tips to support your intuitive writing process and how to really show up with your authentic voice in your biz. She also shares her wisdom around aligning with the moon cycles, connecting with nature, and she reveals her journey in creating an intuitively-led business. Everything that Jacquelyn loves to talk about!

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Website: https://www.leahcherrykent.com/about-leah 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leahkentco/ 

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