Business Energetic Blueprint  US$333

Do you wonder what is blocking your business from making more money?

Do you want to know how it can attract more ideal clients?

Or how you get more sign-ups to your program or membership?

Would you love to ‘look into a crystal ball’ and see what the future of your biz holds?

Then the Business Energetic Blueprint is for you!

This 90 minute session is like having a heart-to-heart with your business. You’ll discover the blocks in the energy body of your business, where they came from, how they relate to the blocks in your energy body, and what you can do to clear them out.

The thing is, your business entity knows EXACTLY why parts of your biz are working and why they’re not. You just have to listen to it…

As the Business Whisperer I translate the voice of your business, so you clearly hear what it needs.

How your Business Energetic Blueprint works:


I scan the energy body of your business and share my insights in relation to: 

  • the strengths and weaknesses of the chakras

  • the energetic blocks and how they’re holding back your biz

  • what blocks have been taken on from your energy body

  • the direction your business can take to blossom into its full potential and achieve success

 You’ll also receive:

  • A recording of the session

  • Recommendations to bring your business’s energy body into alignment with yours

  • Action steps to continue the clearing and to support your business to expand into the vision that its blueprint holds. 

My Business Blueprint was a pivotal moment for me and I love that I now have clarity about what I am being called to do.

Working with Jacquelyn on my business and myself while I up level to meet that aspiration is priceless!

Bev Roberts

So you’re intrigued and excited about receiving your Business Energetic Blueprint, but wonder how on earth a business can have an energy body? 

I had a beautiful Biz Blueprint with Jacquelyn and LOVED the process so much. How amazing to see my biz as a separate entity, to feel the energy and to find ways to smooth our journey together.

In the session we connected to the energy of my biz, heard some messages, then looked at our collective and separate chakras.

Old stories and stale energy were lovingly released and I could see and feel a wonderful freshness, especially in my vision for the future. It was a fantastic experience.

Jacquelyn is a true master of her gift.

Judi Cranston


Everything is made of energy, and as soon as you had the idea for your business, this energetic entity birthed complete with an aura and chakras.

Initially it would have reflected your energy body but as soon as you shared your biz idea with someone who gave you input into aspects like the name, services you could offer, colours etc then the business entity began to take on their energy. Then it took on your clients’ energy (the good and the challenging!) and anyone else who’s played a part in your business including VA, mentors, graphic designers, coaches… the list goes on.

As your business grows and develops, it reflects your energy body less and less, although your energetic blocks may still leave an imprint! It can even begin to grow away from you, taking a path that is distinctly different to what you’d envisaged for it. This is because it has its own blueprint, which is like having its own destiny to fulfil.

The Business Energetic Blueprint is the best support you can give your business from an energetic perspective so that it can fulfil its destiny. And what does this mean for you? Ideal clients who will happily pay you to have the business of your dreams.

Are you excited to have your Business Energetic Blueprint?