Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a structured program that I have to work through in a set time?

A. I’ve set up the Playground to flow with your energy rather than have a structure. There is extensive content in the form of video and audio covering everything to do with the energy of you and your business, as well as how to embody the new business paradigm through having an intuitively-led business. There isn’t a particular order to view the content, you can access whichever topic you are drawn to depending on what is happening in your biz at that time.

However, I do set a theme for us to explore every month which will give you a framework for the content if that’s your preferred way to do it. 

I add new content as I create it, so it is an ever-expanding portal!

Q. Will call times suit my time zone?

A. The calls alternate between Wednesday evening AEST (Wednesday morning in Europe) and Thursday morning AEST (Wednesday evening in North America). There are 3 calls a month so regardless of your time zone, you’ll always be able to attend 1-2 a month.

Call recordings are emailed out within 24 hours and also uploaded to our portal.

Q. How long are the calls?

A. 90 minutes.

Q. What happens in the calls?

A. Prior to the call, I tune into the energy of our group and what we are currently experiencing collectively (and therefore individually). A theme usually comes through strongly and I begin our call exploring that theme, supported by oracle cards I’ve drawn. I will also refer to the monthly theme and ask questions to promote discussion.

The thread of our conversation is always mind-blowing with so much wisdom shared and lightbulbs going off everywhere! We are all each other’s teachers in the Playground.

There is also plenty of opportunity for you to ask any questions about a situation in your biz or other aspect of life that you’d like support with – either from me or others in the group. 

I also lead you through a guided meditation which is related to the themes that emerged.

Q. What happens in the networking calls?

A. Two ladies chat with the group about their business during each networking call. You might chat about your personal history and what led you into your business. Or else about your modalities. You might share a sample of what you do. Or promote a course you have coming up. There are no rules – share whatever you like!

It’s a brilliant way for everyone to get a feel for the depth of you and your service, and opens the door for more clients either from the group or through referrals.

As a thank you gift, you get 15 minutes in the Playground hot seat and receive a reading of your personal or business energy body!

Q. How long is my commitment to the Playground membership?

A. There is an initial commitment of 3 months to give you plenty of time to play with all the content in the portal, experience many calls, attend a petite retreat and receive your 1:1 session. After the initial 3 month period, your membership is month-by-month, and you can leave at any time. 48 hours notice of your intention to leave is required before your next payment is due.

Q. Do I get an opportunity to talk with you personally about my business?

A. Once you’ve joined the Playground, we’ll book a time for a short chat so you can let me know your business history, what you love about your biz and what’s challenging you. This also gives me an understanding of what type of support you require in the Playground.

Q. Does Biz Alchemy Playground cater for any stage of business?

A. Yes. There are women in there who are still developing their business, some who are in their first year, some expanding, and some with a very established business. But they all want to enhance their relationship with their business and embody a new ease-filled way of being in business outside of the traditional patriarchal model.

Q. Are individual energy readings included in the Playground?

A. Every quarter I will give everyone on the call a short reading of either their energy body or their business’s energy body. This will happen on two different call times so that everyone has the opportunity to receive.

Q. How long have the members been a part of Biz Alchemy Playground?

A. Many of the Playground members have been there for 1 – 2 years, with some even migrating from my original membership 3 years ago! A few wonderful newbies joined in 2022 and are keen to stay.

The Playground is the ultimate support for female entrepreneurs who are on a journey of awakening through their business. It is for women looking for a very sacred business tribe.