Do you feel like you have blocks to receiving? 

In this blog, I’m exploring why the heart chakra can resist receiving, and I’m going to give you some tips to strengthen your receiving muscle.

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First, let’s look at receiving. When I talk about receiving, I’m not just referring to money. I’m talking about receiving love, receiving compliments, receiving the energy of the earth, receiving everything that comes into your life – and you have a choice as to whether you receive it or whether you reject it. 

The heart chakra is the chakra that I associate the most with receiving because in the heart chakra, I see that there is the balance of giving out with receiving. 

Often when I look at the heart chakra, I see the giving as the front of the heart chakra, and the receiving as the back. And more often than not, the women who I’m working with have a much stronger giving muscle than they do a receiving muscle. 

It’s challenging for them to receive. So don’t feel like you’re alone in this. 

The thing is, you’re in business. And in business, it’s really important to receive, and if you have resistance to receiving, it’s guaranteed that that has transferred across to the energy body of your business. 

So your business will also be unbalanced in the giving and receiving department. 

There are many things that can block your receiving. It can be very related to worth – your sense of worth – but it can often be related to having been hurt in the past, having given vulnerably and been rejected, and that can cause your heart chakra to shut down. 

You can also carry on a pattern that’s in your family of not receiving. In regards to money or love, this can be very relevant.  

It’s a very strong genetic pattern and particularly strong in women who traditionally have been the givers, not the receivers. 

So all of these can be looked at when it comes to how open your heart chakra is to receiving.

But what are some simple steps you can do to help open your heart chakra a little more? 

1. Angel wings visualisation

I have a beautiful visualisation that I love to share with my clients. 

Imagine that there are angel wings coming out from the inside border of your shoulder blades – these beautiful wings growing down. And then open them out to the side, and when they open out, they pull apart your shoulder blades and expose the back of your heart chakra. And as it stretches open, I invite you to imagine that there is something behind you that you would love to receive. It could even be a guide behind you, who’s sending love to you. It could be the earth energy coming up, sending its beautiful grounding energy into the back of your heart. Or it could be a massive big urn of gold coins that you want to be poured into the back of your heart!

Just visualise you are receiving in some way. Open the back of your heart and allow this energy to pour in. Feel the cup of your heart chakra fill up, because from this place you are in such a better space to give. 

You are full, and so you are able to give. 

So this is a lovely little visualisation you can use at any time. 

2. Make sure to receive

Make sure when something is offered to you, that you receive it.  

Do you receive it? Or do you go, ‘No no no, I’m fine’? 

 Open your heart to receiving, and when it comes your way, accept the receiving.

3. Write a receiving list

You may already do a gratitude list, it might be something that you do at the end of your day, and this could be a part of your gratitude list, but I would like you to think of it as a receiving list. 

What did you receive today? So you may already note down when you’ve received money, but what else did you receive today? Perhaps your partner brought you a coffee. 

Note down anything that came your way. 

Perhaps you allowed yourself to sit in the garden and receive the energy of the birdsong into your being.  

Acknowledge it. This is receiving with intent. 

And the more you receive with intent, and with gratitude and acknowledgement, the more you open up your receiving channel and strengthen your receiving muscle for more. 

So I’d love to know what your insights are as you’ve read about receiving. Do you have any blocks to receiving? And if so, what are you going to do? Which of these strategies are you going to use to strengthen your receiving muscle? Please share them in the comments below.

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Until next time, let’s get you creating alchemy in your business!