Are there any elements of your business that make you cringe? 

In this post I’m going to talk about those cringe-worthy aspects of your business, and the fact that they can have an important message for you. By listening to that message and making any adjustments that might need to be made, this can have quite a big effect on the success of your business. 

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When I say “the cringe-worthy aspects of your business”, what comes to mind? For example, these aspects could be your website, your branding, the images you’re using, your pictures, or it could be aspects of the business like writing a newsletter. There are many aspects that obviously make up a business, so which of those make you cringe? 

What I want to talk about is the energy that this brings into your business. Just to be clear, I’m not necessarily meaning cringe-worthy because there’s a fear behind it, I mean cringe-worthy because you realise it’s out of alignment with your business – out of alignment with who you are. It may be that you’ve been told to do it that way, so you’re following that strategy. Yet, inside you, there’s something saying that this just doesn’t feel right. 

So what aspects are like that for you? Because that means that you are out of alignment with your business, and that is going to impact the success of your business due to the impact that that will have on the clients who are attracted to working with you. If there’s something within your business that’s making it more dense energetically, then the energy you’re putting out there will be slightly more dense, possibly due to that one cringe-worthy thing. But if you address that one thing, clear the vibration of your business, and bring it into alignment, then the people who are attracted will be more in alignment with you and your business. It’s a really vital thing, so I encourage you to be aware of it. I’ve caught myself a couple of times with parts of my business that I’ve just pushed aside and said that I’ll get to eventually, but actually that’s in my business’s energy, and that’s not serving me. 

Here are three simple steps for you to take:

1. Write a list 

List all the cringe-worthy aspects of your business.

2. Prioritise

Once you’ve written that list, put them in order of priority – which one creates the most cringe? Decide what you’re going to address first. But be careful that the cringing isn’t coming from a fear that you have that you’ve not yet overcome. Observe why you are cringing. Those aspects of your business could also be because you’re trying to do it a different way. It might be that you are trying to do a written blog, but actually you would be way more comfortable doing a verbal blog (a vlog). Maybe that feels more aligned for you, maybe it feels easier, but you’ve been going down this path because you thought you had to do a written blog. It can be just little adjustments like that that are needed. So when you have a look at that list, decide what is most important. You might want to look at the biggest cringe and address that first, or you might wish to focus on one that’s not so big but it’s simple and you could make that adjustment right now.

3. Take action 

You might work on one a week, one a month – whatever it is, just get started!

Share in the comments below the one cringe-worthy aspect of your business you’re going to take action on, so that you can shift the energy of your business and bring it more into alignment with you and with the clients who you love to serve.

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!