With our current way of life in flux as a result of COVID-19, you might find that the vision for your business has changed. In this post I’m going to chat about the fact that you have a vision for your business, but your business entity also has a vision. And are these visions aligned?

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Remember that your business as an energetic entity has a third eye chakra, just like you do, where the vision is held. Where we can often be held back in fulfilling the vision of our business, is that actually the energetic vision held by your business is different to yours. What I’m finding amongst my clients currently, is that our business’s vision is adapting and changing to what’s going on right now with our changing environment, but our vision isn’t – we are still keeping the same vision for our business. 

The thing is, that vision was created from an older paradigm – the paradigm is changing, and it may be that your vision for your business needs to change with it. It is much harder for humans to let go of a story that they have, than it is for a business entity, which can evolve much more quickly. What you want to be really careful of is that you are not holding back your business – holding back the fulfilment of its vision – because you’re hanging on to an older version of your vision. It’s quite a complex topic, and in many ways I’m creating this just to bring it into your awareness, just for you to ponder the vision that you had for your business. Some of us have had to make quite dramatic changes in our vision, but for some of us in the online space, we haven’t really had to – we haven’t been forced to. And yet, there is still a need to upgrade your vision. 

So how can you know what your business’s vision is without having someone like myself actually look at the energy body of your business, read it and tell you what it needs? What can you do to help this? 

Here are three things that you can do: 

1. Communicate with your business

Make sure that you are communicating with your business. Sit and spend time with the energy body of your business – invite it in, sit with it in a lovely sort of meditative space. It doesn’t have to take long but sit with it and ask it to show its vision to you, ask it what it wants, ask it if there are any changes that it sees that you need to make as a result of our current circumstances on Earth. This takes practice, but start now – start building this relationship with your business, talking with it and listening to it about its vision. 

 2. Clear your third eye chakra

You might have some tools that you like to use to clear your third eye chakra. it can be as simple as using the indigo light – the colour of the third eye – and just visualising that coming into the third eye, moving around and shifting any old stories or beliefs there that are holding you back from seeing an upgraded vision. Or you can use the violet flame. Or sound and make a vibration – it can be an om or any other sound – directing it to the third eye to shift that out. Any tool that you like to use to shift energy can be powerful. 

3. Look for signs

It’s really important then to look out for the signs. If you ask your business, but you don’t get an answer, if you clear your third eye but you’re still like ‘hmm I’m not sure anything’s changed’ – are you open? Are you still wearing your blinkers? Get rid of those blinkers to open up. If you’ve asked for assistance in upgrading your vision, in aligning your vision with your business’s vision, the answers will come. But are you open to hearing them? When something piques your interest, are you willing to follow that path? The answers will always come. In many ways, just from reading this, what I would like you to take away is that your vision may need to change, and that the answers are there for you. So be with that, or journal with that. 

I’d love to hear what this has brought up for you in regards to revisiting your vision, so please share in the comments below.

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