Flow versus structure in your business – is it a choice? 

In this blog I’m going to chat about the battle that can sometimes go on for female entrepreneurs between allowing flow in their business and requiring structure. I’ll also give you some strategies on how to bring these two aspects together so that they’re complementing each other.

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The thing with flow and structure is that structure is a much more yang energy, a more masculine energy, and flow is a more feminine energy. You hear many female entrepreneurs say, ‘I just want to go with where the energy is taking me, and trust that, move with that and show up when it’s there, and not when it’s missing’. That makes sense and actually a lot of us have lost that ability to show up in our business in this feminine way.

Yet business on the whole has a masculine energy, and it certainly requires some structure. And at the end of the day, we are both male and female. This is why I call this the integrated way of doing business. How can we honour the yang aspect and the yin aspect of ourselves? How can we honour the structure and the flow so that they coexist? Think about it, is there one of those that repels you a little bit more? Does the thought of structure make you just shrivel up? Or do you like things super organised, efficient, all planned out and in control, and the whole idea of some flow coming through makes you feel fearful? You’d rather know exactly where everything stands.

If we want to show up in business truly as all of who we are, and operate a successful business, we have to have these two aspects in balance. So how can you do that?

Here are three things that you can do:

1. Set aside time for creativity

Let’s talk about the flow side first. Something you can definitely do to encourage more flow in your business is set aside time that is your creative time, your flow time where there’s no timetabling – a time where you can allow the sacral chakra to just blossom, share, create and birth. Often that requires a certain amount of time. It’s quite challenging to shift from that space into a more rigid structured space, so look at your work week, set aside time. You might do what I do, where I actually set aside a week for me to make videos and have a creation week. I address what needs to be done in my back-end in that time, but I’m also creating. For me that works so much more efficiently than if I try to include that in my more structured week with clients. 

So how can you allow that flow? How can you make it easier for that flow to occur, and for you to embrace it? That’s the earth energy moving through you, that’s the flowing energy that is the female essence. 

2. Set aside time for structure

It’s the same when you want to look at the yang side of business, the structured side. To run an efficient business you have to have structure there, so if you find you’re resisting structure, when is the best time of the day for that structure? 

Whether that structure means doing certain tasks, or meeting with your clients, when’s the best time? Do you find you operate much better with that structure in the morning? Or is the morning maybe your creative time where you’d rather flow, and then you can move into structure? Everyone is going to be different. It might be that you do a whole day of structure and a whole day of flow. Where’s the best time for you to have that structure in your life? It doesn’t have to be one or the other, they can coexist. 

3. Coexistence

This brings me to my third point – how are you going to make the yin and the yang coexist? We have to have structure in business, but ideally we want that flow of energy to be moving within and around that structure. It’s so important to not have that rigidity, to not block the flow of energy and to not block our yin essence from coming through.

So how is your business looking? Do you feel like you’ve got a beautiful balance there? Or does it feel like there’s more of one than the other? If there is, what can you do to bring back that balance? Is it a matter of timetabling? Is it just a matter of identifying it and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I hadn’t realised I’m not allowing flow in my business’?

I’d love you to share your insights in the comments below. Maybe you recognise a part of your business that could change to honour both of these aspects? As I said at the beginning, to be a successful woman in business, these two aspects are crucial. 

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!