What’s the difference between having a launch in your business and offering an invitation? 

In this blog I’m going to chat about this difference from an energetic perspective, and how understanding and working with this difference can actually change the energy of the clients who you attract in.

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Let’s explore launching first. Launching is a traditional term that’s used for when you open up the doors of your business to new clients. Usually when you launch, you’re offering them a programme, course or membership, and you’ve got a certain period where you go through the launch, get those clients on board and then very often close the doors for a certain amount of time. It’s very much a part of business and the entrepreneurial world, and it has a very yang energy. 

Think of the word ‘launch’, then just sit with the difference if I use the word ‘invitation’: “I invite you”. Can you feel the difference? There’s a receptive energy that’s involved with invitation which feels more yin than yang. I’m still putting it out there, but by nature of the word ‘invitation’, I’m asking for it back as well. It addresses two sides – there’s a give and there’s a receive. As we shift the way that we do business as female entrepreneurs, we are moving more into an integrated way. Up until now we have based it on a masculine model, and we have to look at which parts of that model need to change to allow for this integrated energy, so that we can bring both the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves into business. It may be as simple as changing the terminology of some of the aspects of business, because that then changes the energy behind it. Be aware of that difference – think about that difference in your business. 

If you’re about to launch a programme or a course, feel the difference between saying “I’m launching” and “I’m opening up and inviting you in”. It feels much more Earth Mother because it opens and waits and holds and receives in. It’s a very powerful energy; it’s an energy of trust. It’s an energy that combines the action that is definitely necessary in business, with the stillness and the receiving side. It’s a beautifully balanced energy, and it’s how I approach the opening of my business to new clients.


Here are three things that you can think about in relation to that:

1. You’re doing your clients a favour by inviting them in

You have to remember that you’re doing your clients a favour by offering that invitation. They’re not doing you a favour by coming into your business. You’re offering them your services, you’re opening up and inviting them to make shifts in their lives. A launch energy can very much be about just getting it out. Whereas when you’re inviting, you’re saying “I’m open here and this is what I’m offering. I invite you to come in and be able to experience what I’m offering and benefit from this”. Just be aware and come from that place of knowing that you’re actually serving, but also offering them a favour by putting your invitation out there. 

2. Write from the heart

When you write your invitation, write your copy from your heart, truly being authentically you. Really feel it and share who you are. Share the benefits of what you offer from a heart space, not a mind space. As I said, launching is a very masculine mind-generated energy. 

3. Speak from the heart

Even better than writing your invitation is to speak it. If you get on a video and speak your invitation, come from your heart – “This is how I can serve you”, “This is how I can make your life better”, “I invite you into this process”, “I invite you into my space so that we can go on this journey together”. It’s a very different energy to saying, “Join this … this is what’s going to happen for you”. It’s still important to share that, but there’s a whole different energy when you bring the invitation into it. It really is a balanced energy.

I’m interested to know how this sounds to you. When you hear this concept, how does it feel for you? Does it feel a bit strange? Or does it feel so much more aligned with the way that you want to operate within your business in this integrated manner? I’d love to know any thoughts that you have. Please leave them in the comments below. 

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!