What role do your feet chakras play in the success of your business? 

In this blog, I’m going to explore what the feet chakras are, and talk about ways that blockages in your feet chakras and in your business’s feet chakras can impact the success of your business.

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I don’t normally talk about the feet chakras, I usually stick to the seven main chakras, but they are an integral part of my work and my sessions, so I wanted to bring your awareness to them. 

The main feet chakras are in the ball of each foot. Those chakras are the connection between your physical and energetic body and the earth’s energy body. That’s the passageway. That’s where the earth energy flows up to you. 

Even though your business as a separate entity doesn’t have feet, it still has chakras down at the base of the aura that connects to the earth energy, allowing the energy to flow up from the earth easily and move into the chakric column and the aura of your business. 

That is a very strange concept because your business doesn’t have feet, but it’s still connected to the earth through these chakras. They are our main connection into the earth energy. 

When these chakras are blocked, you feel separated. 

If you are disconnected from the earth, you have a feeling of real separation, and this can play out in many different ways in your life. 

But at the end of the day, it is the earth that is our main support. 

The earth mother supports us. She’s our security. And if we are not connected to her energetically, we are disconnected from her and have this feeling of separation. 

Your business is actually the same. 

What will happen with your business is it won’t be grounded. 

If it’s not open in those bottom chakras, it won’t be grounded. Your business is a very physical representation of your gifts, so it has to be grounded. A business is about money – it needs to be grounded. 

So if it’s not connected, if it’s not in flow with the earth energy, it won’t be grounded and it will be so much harder to make money. 

These chakras are really important. 

Another aspect of the chakras is that when they are open, it makes it easier for you to have clarity about your life purpose path. Because it’s actually your feet walking along the earth. That’s the path you’re taking. 

You’re here, journeying on the earth. It’s through that connection with the earth, that that clarity comes about the path that you need to walk. 

It’s the same for your business – the path that it needs to walk.

Those are two really important aspects of the feet chakras that I’d like you to get out of this video. 

  1. It keeps you feeling connected when they are open and stops those feelings of separation.
  2. It helps bring you clarity about your life purpose path. 

So what can you do to help open your feet chakras?

Here are three things:

1. Root system visualisation

I’ll always use this with my clients before my sessions, where I get you to imagine that you’ve got a root system growing out of your feet. You might imagine it coming out of those chakras or all of your feet, and it’s going really deep down into the earth. 

That system is like a channel for the energy from the earth to come up through and into your feet, into your energy body and into your physical body. 

As you grow that root system down, you imagine those chakras opening wide like eyes, so they open up for that energy to come through. 

You can imagine the same thing for your business’s energy body – see it down, see it connected, see a root system growing down – so that it’s open to the flow of earth energy, so it’s open to the cycles of the earth. 

That’s a really important thing for you to do.

2. Use a rock river mat

There’s something called a rock river mat, which is a mat that has these flattened pebbles embedded in it. 

So putting something like that under your desk so that your feet are on it, keeps you grounded through your workday. 

It keeps you connected with earth energy. 

If you haven’t got one of those, you can just grab some really lovely pebbles, put them on a tray or in a dish, put your feet on it and it feels amazing. 

The grounding energy of the stones helps your feet stay open, helps those chakras stay open and helps you to stay connected with the earth energy. 

3. Have a physical representation of your business 

Something you can do for your business to help ground it in the same way, is to have a physical representation of what your business is – a symbol. 

It might be a crystal, it might be a statue of something that you love, just anything – something that for you holds the energy of your business and keep that on your desk.

That’s a way to ground your business’s energy to keep it more connected, to make it more physical, especially when it’s an online business and you don’t have that advantage of a shopfront. 

The importance of this is to stay open and to stay in the flow of the earth energy. 

When you are in the flow, that’s what abundance is. 

When you are separated, it is very difficult for energy to move in and out freely. 

It does put you into a state of lack. 

Honour these little chakras, stay connected with the earth energy, stay connected with the flow. 

Allow in the clients, the abundance, the money. Whatever it is that you’re calling into your life through your business, stay connected with the earth energy to support this flow. 

If you’d love to find out more about grounding your business,  I recommend Blog 24 – Why your business needs a strong base chakra.