Have you ever felt the pressure to get more numbers on your email list?

In today’s blog, I’m going to explore the energetic side of quantity versus quality in your email list.

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Now we all know an email list is important. It’s vital as a way to communicate with our clients, and to be able to share our energy with our clients. And of course, it’s also important that we establish a strong email following, because who knows what could happen to social media moving forward, but if we’ve got an email list – regardless of whether Facebook goes down or something happens – we still have a way to communicate with our clients. 

Very often those clients are clients who really want to hear from you because they’ve exchanged something – they’ve given you an email address in exchange for your access to them – unlike social media. 

So there is more of a commitment with your email – an energetic commitment. 

But what I want to do today is make sure that that energy exchange is equal at a vibrational level. You don’t want people on your list who’ve signed up for something you offered a long time ago that has nothing to do with what you do now because they’re bringing their energy into your business’s energy body. 

Your email list and your website are strong parts of your business’s energy body, a strong part of the foundation – they’re the base chakra of your business. And the email list is a strong part of the throat chakra – the communication of your business. 

So you don’t want the energy of people who are not aligned to your energy anymore, or to the energy of your business, going into your business.

So this is a really important thing to think about with your email list, and why it’s not just about the numbers. 

Those numbers could actually be sabotaging your business energetically if they’re not aligned with you.

This is why the quality is important. 

So what can you do to help bring the energy of your email list into alignment with the energy of your business? 

1. Declutter

One very important thing is to declutter. The way you can do this is to send out an email every quarter or every six months, asking people if they still want to hear from you. If you really want to do this in the purest way, you could do it for two or three emails, but you would ask them to re-subscribe by hitting a button. 

That way you know you’re only getting people you really want into your email list. 

If you just put in an unsubscribe or an opt-out button instead, a lot of the people who don’t usually read your emails or who have your emails going into their spam so they never read them anyway, aren’t going to see it. They’re not going to unsubscribe. 

So if you really want to keep the energy pure, it’s actually getting people to re-subscribe. 

2. Make sure your offers are energetically aligned with your business

You have to make sure that the offers you are putting out – whether that is a freebie or paid offer, but mostly this is going to happen with the freebies – is completely aligned with the energy of your business. Because that freebie is going to attract people into your email list. 

Now, if you’re just putting out a freebie for the sake of a freebie, or you think ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to get people in, they’re going to love this’, but it’s actually not aligned with your message and the real core essence of your business, you’re going to be attracting people in who also aren’t aligned. 

So again, they’re bringing their energy in, they’re bringing a different vibration into your business. 

So that’s the second way that you can monitor the energy of your email list. 

3. Make sure your emails are energetically aligned with your business

Make sure that every email you send out – your newsletter or any emails advertising promotions – are fully aligned with your energy and your business’s energy. 

Make sure that they are really speaking in your voice, that they are really reaching the people who resonate with your voice. 

So there are three ways that you can make sure that the quality of the clients that you have on your email list – or the quality of the subscribers on your email list – is aligned and supporting your business energetically. Yes, it would be great to have more numbers, but only of those energetically aligned people. 

Weigh this up when you’re looking at the quality versus quantity on your email list.

I hope you found that helpful. Please leave a comment below and share what this has brought up for you, and what changes you are going to make to ensure that your email list is more aligned with you. 

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I’d love to see you co-creating with your business.