Do you wonder how you can stand out from others who offer the same service? 

Today’s blog is going to look at the energetic component of standing out and I’m going to give you three tips to help you stand out.

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So what is the difference between you and others? Or maybe we should start by looking at, what’s the similarity between you and others? 

Pretty much it’s the service. Perhaps it’s the tools you use, or maybe it’s the way you’re offering your program or the modality you use.  

Very often it’s one aspect, one small aspect that’s similar. 

When you’re comparing yourself to others, that’s often the aspect you are looking at. 

But that one small aspect is just a very minute part of all of you. And it is about all of you showing up. Whether it’s doing lives, whether it’s in your newsletter, whether it’s participating in Facebook groups – it is YOU that’s showing up. 

So it actually doesn’t make very much sense to be comparing yourself to others who offer the same service. It might be 5% that’s the same. 

But actually, the way you are showing up, your life history, your history in your business, all of that makes a very unique you, and energetically that’s what people are reading. 

They’re not just reading the copy, they’re reading the energy of the copy. 

They’re not just listening to the words you say in that Facebook Live, they’re listening to the energy of what you say.

And only YOU can bring that energy based on your life experience and on your business experience. On all those different aspects that make you uniquely you, only you can bring that energy through – verbally, written or in your business itself. 

So you can see, there are a lot more differences than there are similarities to those people that you may be comparing yourself with. 

Here are three things to make sure that you are being as much you as possible:

1. Be you

Be you. BE YOU. 

Don’t be your service. Don’t be your modality. It’s an aspect of you. 

Bring your true authentic self to the table. 

2. Speak in your voice

Write your copy in your voice – your unique voice

Don’t look at someone else’s copy and think, “Oh my God, that’s amazing. She’s expressed exactly what I want”, then copy, paste, and tweak a couple of words. 

That’s her voice. That’s her energy. Suddenly, you’re putting out her energy to your audience, not yours. 

Speaking your voice is the second most important thing that you can do. 

3. Keep your eyes in your own lane

You might have heard it before, and it is so true. 

Stop the comparisonitis. That’s a bit of a solar plexus blockage going on there. 

Keep your eyes in your own lane. 

There is only one you. 

There might be 1000 other people in a Facebook group that you’re in, offering exactly the same service, the same modality or even the same outcomes, but there’s only one you. 

So keep your eyes in your lane. 

And in that lane, are you being as authentically you as you can? Are you being vulnerable and open, and sharing who you are? Because this is what will attract the people to you and not to someone else offering the same service. 

Other people will be attracted to them that may not be attracted to you. 

It’s about the energetic connection. 

So keep your eyes in your lane. 

I’d love you to comment below with any insights you’ve had from this blog, and let me know some ways that you are going to make sure that you are being authentically you, and keeping your eyes in your lane. 

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