Are you struggling to connect with your business?

In this blog I’m going to talk about why you may feel disconnected from your business, and what you can do to bring that connection back so that the spark returns to your relationship.

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So what do I mean by being connected or disconnected to your business? Well you know when you get that push/pull feeling with your business? When there are times where you really wish it just didn’t exist? And there are times you think, ‘Oh my gosh, I love being in business. I love having my own business.’ 

But it always goes up and down. 

And there are times where you just want to bury your head in the sand or go back and get a full-time job. 

That’s what I mean by feeling disconnected from your business. 

So why does that happen? It’s not dissimilar to a human relationship. It can happen when you, your business or both of you don’t feel heard and don’t feel supported. 

It happens when you feel like you’re just doing it on your own, and that can really bring about a feeling of disconnection from your business. 

And seeing as your business is a separate energetic entity, it can feel the same way. So it’s as though you and your business are operating on two very different wavelengths. 

And yet, you need to be in a partnership. 

Think about it like this: when you’re out with a couple who have had a fight or you can tell that they’re just disconnected at the moment, the energy that the pair of them are putting out is really not the energy you want to be around. 

So this is how it is with your clients. 

If you and your business are disconnected – if you’re not on the same wavelength, if you’re not really loving and appreciating each other – the energy you’re putting out to your clients is not really the right energy to attract the right clients into you. 

So connection with your business is vital. 

So what can you do?

1. Recognise that your business is separate from you

One of the most important things is just recognising your business is separate from you. Recognising it is an entity that you’re in relationship with. Yes, you created it, but once you created it, it became an entity and you are in relationship with it. 

So just recognising this can be so helpful for your business. 

2. Choose a symbol for your business

Choose a symbol for your business that you can have on your desk – something you really love and you feel very connected with that represents your business. 

This means that when you’re working, it is there separate from you, but connected to you because you love it. You love what it symbolises. It’s almost like you then go into creating your work day and doing your work and seeing your clients together, alongside your business. 

3. Invite your business in with a visualisation

Do a short visualisation or a meditation before you start your work day, and invite in the energy of your business – sit with it, commune with it if you wish to ask questions, but just make time to have a little staff meeting before you start your day. 

4. Write your business a letter

This one can actually be really helpful and quite cathartic, so write your business a letter. Write it. Say what’s frustrating you, share why you feel disconnected, share what you expect from the business that it’s not giving you. 

But also share why you love it.

Your business also wants to feel loved, heard and connected. It wants to feel worthy. 

So just share all this in a letter and it will really bring a lot of clarity to you. It will clear the energy, and it will help nurture that relationship with your business. 

Bring back the spark. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you ever experienced this feeling of disconnection? What have you done about it? And are you going to try any of those suggestions that I’ve made? Please share in the comments below.

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Let’s get you co-creating with your business!