Do you embrace the cycles of your business? Or what I often call the in-breath and the out-breath of business?

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the importance of allowing your business to have cycles, and give you some suggestions of things you can do to allow you to flow more with the cycles of your business.

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So what do I mean by the in-breath and out-breath? They’re unusual terms to use in relation to a business.

It’s actually a phrase I learned from my children’s schooling. They went to a Steiner school, and in the younger years, the teachers gave the kids an in-breath and an out-breath regularly throughout their day, always balancing outdoor playtime with indoor class time.

It’s the same as the cycles of nature. An in-breath and an out-breath is just like winter and summer. It’s like night and day. It’s energy put out, balanced with energy going in or turning in. 

As women, we are taught to override these cycles in our life. Our society doesn’t honour these cycles. It’s very much about the action energy or yang energy, with much less focus on balancing that with the inward energy or receptive energy. 

Yet night and day are fairly equal – well they shift through the year, but they’re balanced. 

And we’re not balanced. 

Yet as women, we’re cyclical beings. We are meant to be balanced. 

Our cycle is in balance, and our businesses should be exactly the same. 

It is so important that our businesses have an out-breath and an in-breath. 

Think about your business. Think about the way you’ve structured your business week or your business month. 

Is there time for an in-breath?

What I mean by the in-breath is a time of stillness, a time to receive, a time to tune in – what some might call the feminine time or the more yin time. This is a creative space.

But of course this has to be balanced by yang because if we did that all the time, we wouldn’t have a business!

It has to be balanced by the yang: the action, the serving clients, the making offers. 

The patriarchal model of business is very yang. It’s been put out, put out, put out, put out

As female entrepreneurs, we are shifting that. We are moving into an integrated way of business, where we receive, we go in, we create, and then we balance that with the going out. 

So how can you incorporate this more into your business? 

1. Structure your in-breath time

You might put that into your working week by allocating a day that is your in-breath time – your time to create and be still. 

When I’m talking about this, I’m not talking about time for yourself and personal life (which is also very important), I’m talking within your business structure. 

You can take a day as your in-breath day. Or what you can do is take a week per month, and in that week, you don’t see clients. That’s your in-breath, that’s your creative time, you’re still time, your time to reflect and receive. 

If that is balanced with three weeks of giving out time, you’ll find that your business will thrive. 

2. Connect business with another cycle

This is an extension of what I’ve just said, but you can connect it in with your menstrual cycle (if you’re still bleeding), or you could connect it in with the moon cycles. 

Any cycle that you choose could connect with your business’s in-breath and out-breath.

3. Reframe

If you find yourself exhausted because you have been doing too much pushing, too much giving out, too much action – just stop and reframe it.

Stop, be still and say “Okay, instead of pushing out now, I’m going to stop and invite in. And just shift the energy of it in that moment”. That’s just a quick and easy thing you can do.

If you implement step 1 or step 2, you’ll find you rarely need step 3. 

Please let me know in the comments below, what are you going to do to honour the in-breath and the out-breath of your business?

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