What role does the crown chakra play in increasing your clients? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the crown chakra of you and of your business, and how it can attract the quality and quantity of clients that you really desire for your business. 

I’ll also give you a couple of strategies to help do that. 

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The crown chakra – which sits at the top of your head – is the most authentic of our chakras. 

It is through this chakra that we have our strongest connection to the non-physical part of ourselves – to the divine, to your soul, to whatever you want to call it.

It’s also where the blueprint of your life exists, and it’s the same with your business. The blueprint for your business and your business’s potential sits in the crown chakra. 

That blueprint is like the first part of your energy that manifests when we come into a physical body or when your business becomes an entity. And then from that, it’s slowly brought down into more physical form. 

Your crown chakra is your connection to your soul, to your higher purpose and to your values. 

It’s through the crown chakra that we want to have an impact on the greater good. 

It’s the same with your business. 

So I talked a bit about the vision with the third eye chakra, but the really big vision – without it being broken down into strategy – that initial really big vision actually comes through the crown chakra, and through this connection to the non-physical realm. 

It is a really pure form of who you are, and it’s a really pure form of what your business is, and the potential it holds, just like your crown also holds the potential. 

This energy is vital for attracting in the right clients. 

This is the purest form of you. It is where your real service comes – the way you really want to heal and unify in the world. 

Being aligned with this chakra, being clear and open in this chakra for you and your business is really important in attracting the right people who want to work with you. 

Here are a few little tools that you can use for this:

1. Communicate with your business

We communicate with our business through our crown chakra. 

All the chakras are involved, but this is where we really communicate with its essence.

I have a little visualisation called Meet Your Business and using a tool like that where you’re actually energetically connecting in with your business, will really help align your crown chakra and your business’s crown chakra with each other, and therefore with those clients that you really want to draw in. 

It’s as though you’re strengthening the team. You’re putting out a stronger energetic.

2. Sit in silence

Have silence, have stillness, do whatever you like to do to commune with the divine. 

Do that for a couple of minutes before you go into your workday, before you write your copy, before you make your video. Connect in with your crown chakra energy. Connect in with the essence of your soul, with the essence of your purpose. 

3. Freewriting

Use a tool such as freewriting. 

If you were going to write some copy or you were doing a blog, you could just start writing.

Start writing and don’t stop. 

Because what happens then is it puts the mind to rest, the mind steps aside, and it allows the flow of energy from the crown to come through you. That’s when you can write those mindblowing things that just shock you. That’s utilising the energy of the crown chakra. 

That is such a pure energy, that when that is put out to the world, it attracts so many people – they really hear the absolute truth of your essence. 

That’s another great way to get that flowing. 

Also, if you’re talking about something that really makes you passionate. 

If you’ve ever done a Facebook Live, and you feel that passion coming up about whatever you’re talking about and you’re saying all this stuff and you have no idea where it came from – THAT is when you’re really connected to your crown chakra energy. 

So those are a few tools for you to use so that you can really connect in with the space of the crown chakra, for you and your business to attract in more of those ideal clients. If you’ve got any ideas or had any aha moments as a result of this, please share it in the comments below. I’d love to hear how this impacted you, or any ideas that you have.

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