What role does the third eye chakra play in increasing your clients? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the third eye chakra in your energy body and in your business’s energy body. I’ll also be talking about the role it plays in attracting the quality and quantity of clients that you desire in your business. 

I’ll give you a couple of strategies that you can implement just to make sure that your third eye energy is aligned with the clients that you want.

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One component of the third eye chakra is about having a big vision. 

I often compare it to the eagle-eye view of the landscape, where the eagle is looking over the whole landscape, but then it will dive down and go into the detail and then come back up. 

This is what your third eye is about. 

It’s not just about the big picture. It’s also about going down into the detail, breaking it down into goals and strategies that will take you towards that big vision. 

For many of us, either we don’t have a big vision, or we just get so lost in the big vision that we forget to go back down into the goals. 

Where this comes into play in terms of your clients is that if you don’t have a big vision, if you’re not clear on a big vision for your life, or you’re not clear on a big vision for your business, how are you going to attract clients who are ultimately going to take you towards that big vision? 

By big vision, the way I often look at it is you dreaming your biggest dream. You don’t know how it’s going to become a reality, you just know in your heart that this is what you would really like. 

You play with it just like a little child would when they state what they want for their life. No idea how it can happen. No logic. This is how you come up with your biggest dream  – what makes your heart sing? 

You can do it for your personal life, but it’s really important that you do it for your business too so that your business has its big dream as well. 

So it’s about making sure you stay on track towards that big dream so you attract the right clients. 

The big dream can change, and that’s fine as long as you’ve got a big dream. 

It’s like a magnet that draws you along the path, that draws your business along the path. 

To ensure that you’re attracting in the right clients who are aligned with that dream, it’s important that you:

1. Get a dream 

Get a dream for you and get a dream for your business. That’s it.

2. Play with your dream

Play with it. Play with it. 

Just let yourself brainstorm what you would really love in your life – how you would really love your life to look.

Let your third eye chakra just have a field day. 

Do it for you, do it for your business. 

You can add to it, you can tweak it, and you can change it whenever you like, but have that there. 

3. Run everything by your big vision

When you’re coming up with strategies and goals for your yearly, quarterly, monthly or even weekly plans, run it by your big vision – is it taking you closer to that? 

If it is, then you will attract the clients in who are taking you closer to that big vision. 

Here’s the catch and what you’ve got to be careful of: FOMO and shiny, bright objects. 

If you are distracted by seeing someone else doing something that looks great so you go down that path, but it’s not aligned with you or your business’s big vision, that’s going to put out a different energy to your clients. 

You are going to start attracting in clients that maybe will take you down that path, but they’re not necessarily aligned with your big vision.

Constantly be like the eagle. See the big vision, go down into the detail, come back and look at the big vision again – are you on track? – then back into the detail. 

Those are the things you can do to support your third eye so that energetically your third eye is attracting in the clients that you want. 

Does this resonate? Does it make you think that you’ve really got to do something about your big vision? Please let me know below, and share your big vision if you would like. 

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