What role does the throat chakra play in increasing your clients?

Today I’m going to talk about the role of the throat chakra in both you and your business in terms of attracting in the quality and quantity of clients that you really want to work with.

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Out of all the chakras, this one probably seems the most obvious as the one that is really going to impact on the clients that you’re attracting into your business. 

But having covered all the chakras below this one – the first four chakras – I’m sure you have an understanding now that they all contribute in some way. 

The throat chakra, however, is the bridge. 

The throat chakra is your centre of creative expression. 

It’s the bridge between the inner world and the outer world. It’s almost where your inner world becomes manifest through the throat chakra. 

So even though attracting in your clients happens energetically, the throat chakra probably gives the most tangible way that your clients are attracted, through your communication. Regardless of whether that’s written, verbal, or whatever you’re creating.

The business throat chakra is actually the same, although you are the spokesperson for your business. So having your throat chakra clear is vital for your business as well. 

However, sometimes through your copy and messaging, your business can adopt the voice of others rather than your authentic voice. That’s where it can energetically attract the wrong people because of the way that the copy or the message is written. 

So what can you do to make sure that your throat and your business’s throat is energetically aligned with the people that you want to work with?

1. Communicate authentically from the heart

In the heart chakra, I was talking about how your authenticity lives in your heart chakra. Well, your throat chakra expresses that authenticity. So one of the most important things is that when you are communicating your message, it is coming from your heart space. When your business is communicating its message it is coming from its authentic self. 

Now for you to do that, a great tool to use is to sing something you love to sing, or chant something. Something that opens your heart, and when you sound in that way, the vibration of your sound is connecting your heart and your throat. If you can do that before you get onto a Facebook Live, before you make videos, before you write your copy for your promo post, so that your heart and your throat are clearly connected, then you will find that your message is authentic. 

It is the real you that’s coming through. It has the energy of your true voice. 

So that is such a simple tool, and really you can just be incorporating it throughout your day. 

2. Make sure it’s YOUR voice

As I said, the copy of your business is written in your voice. You might do a course and someone says how you’re supposed to write your About Me page, what you should have written on your website, what you should be writing in your promo, etc., and that’s fine and it’s great to have guidelines, as long as the voice of that person isn’t in there. 

If you have someone writing your copy, chances are you’ve got the energy of their voice in your copy and not your voice. 

So go over it and ask yourself: Is that the way I would say something? Does that feel like the essence of me in that?

And change it. Because you want your true essence coming through in your copy.

3. Keep talking

Just keep talking, keep communicating. 

This is the connection part. 

The more you put your energy and your creative expression out there and have people seeing it – whether that’s through written or verbal form – the more connected they become to you. The more they read your true energy, understand your truth, and where you’re coming from. And they’re the ones who really get you, who really resonate with you, who can’t get enough of you, and who keep watching the videos. They’re the ones who are your ideal clients. 

So connect, connect, connect, communicate, communicate, communicate. 

This is the power of the throat chakra. And it is vital in attracting in your ideal clients. It is vital for people getting to know you better. 

As I said, it’s more tangible than the energetic level of the other chakras. They are just as important, but this is the really obvious one.

So these are three things you can do to help align your throat chakra and your business’s throat chakra with those ideal clients. 

I would love it if you could share in the comments what you are going to do with your throat chakra to help attract those clients who you really want to work with.

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