What role does the heart chakra play in increasing your clients? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the heart chakra of you and your business, and how it attracts in the quality and quantity of clients that you really desire. 

I’m also going to give you a few strategies to help support the heart chakra of you and your business in vibrating at the right level, to attract in the people you really want to work with.

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The heart chakra is very much about the essence of you, and it’s the same with your business. 

Remove all those layers, beliefs, and memories that have accumulated over the years and when you pull all those back, the diamond in the middle is the essence of you. 

That is your truth. That is your vulnerability. Your vulnerable self. 

It is the true you. 

Your business is the same. The heart of the business is exactly that essence that was there when you first had the idea to create the business, and when you knew how you wanted to serve – that created the heart chakra of the business. 

So the reason why you may not be attracting your ideal clients is that you’ve lost touch with that essence. 

The layers can be so strong around the essence that what comes out is filtered. It’s a different vibration from the real you. 

 This can happen to your business if you’ve worked with a coach or a mentor who maybe has shifted your direction a little bit, or it just may have been a well-meaning friend who said that you should try a certain thing. So you’ve branched out – maybe you were a bit worried about money so you’ve gone in a certain direction because you thought that would work more – but you’ve disconnected the business from its true essence.

This is a really important aspect in terms of energetically attracting in the clients who resonate with your true essence. Because that’s what you want, that’s who your ideal clients are – they resonate with the true essence of you and your business. And that’s why they’re drawn into your business. 

Another aspect of the heart is the giving and receiving aspect. 

It’s very important that you are receiving and your business is open to receiving. I’m not just talking about money or testimonials, I’m talking about the right clients. 

Maybe there’s a resistance in your business and in your energy body to attracting those ideal clients in. 

So the giving and receiving aspect of the business is also important in terms of the vibration that the business is putting out. 

Here are three simple things that you can do: 

1. Make sure your cup is full

Make sure you receive more than you give. 

This is a really important aspect of the heart chakra. 

Very often we are in service industries so we want to give and give and give. But if we’re giving from a depleted space energetically, our energy body reads “depletion”. Who we attract in may not be our ideal client because they won’t be resonant with our true self, they’ll be resonating with our depleted self.

So make sure your cup is very full. 

2. Come from a place of service

What I mean is that you need to come with the intention to serve. 

If you’re filling up a group program, instead of putting pressure on yourself because you need to get more people so that you have the numbers that you want – and that being your focus when you go to write your copy or do a Facebook Live – come from a place of “How can I serve you?”

Of course you’ve got to have the goals, but when you show up, you are coming from a place of service. 

That’s a really important aspect.

3. Make sure that you are revealing your vulnerability

 Make sure that you are revealing your true self. That you are not sharing who you are through all those filters. If you do, then the people you attract in will be very different to the energy you’d be putting out if those filters were removed – if you were allowing your true self to come through. 

That’s how you attract in your ideal clients.

If this resonates with you, then please leave me a comment about what you are going to do – how are you going to commit to actually letting this diamond in you and in your business shine so that you can attract in those clients that you really want to work with? 

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!