What role does the sacral chakra play in increasing your clients? 

In this blog, I’m going to chat a little bit about the sacral chakra, and how both your personal and business sacral chakras can influence the quality and the quantity of the clients who are attracted into your business.

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I actually really wanted to call this ‘sacral attraction’, because it’s true. 

The thing is, that’s what the sacral chakra is about. It is about attraction. It is about creativity. It is about abundance. And it’s very important that this energy is clear in your energy body and clear in your business’s energy body so that ultimately you and your business are just radiating out this energy of abundance, creativity and attraction. 

So the reason that this is important is that if you, for example, have a client who really is not your ideal client, in fact, they’re quite a drain on you when you’re in a session with them, their energy is going into your business as well as into your sacral chakra. 

This is going to lower the vibration of your sacral chakra and your business’s sacral chakra, which means the energy that it’s then emitting is calling in a different type of client. 

It’s not calling in the type of client that you really want to be working with. 

If you’re hanging out in communities that drain you a little bit, that also dumps a whole lot of energy into your sacral chakra that actually doesn’t support your business or yourself in shining your true light. 

Also if your business feels monotonous, if there’s a lack of spontaneity, a lack of creativity, just a lack of fun, that will also create a density in your sacral chakra. So that the light that shines out of your sacral chakra – the vibration that’s coming out – will be very different to who you really want to attract in. 

So what can you do about it? What can you do to make the chakra of attraction more attractive? 

1. Hang out in high vibe communities

 Make sure you’re hanging out in high vibe communities. Whether that’s on Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever you hang out. 

In person, make sure that the vibration of those people around you are supporting the vibration that you’re at and ultimately want to be at. It’s almost like you need to be the densest level there and then mixing with people who lift you up out of that – that’s the ideal situation, that feeds your sacral chakra. 

2. Do not accept clients who drain you

 Make sure that you do not accept clients whose energy drains you or brings you down because be aware that they are putting that energy into your business’s sacral chakra which will shift the vibration that your business is giving out. 

3. Have fun!

This is for your personal life as well as your business. Have fun. Bring spontaneity into your life, bring play into your life. Put aside some creative time for your business, as well as creative time for yourself personally every week, and really honour that. It’s not serious time. It’s a time to play and dream and have fun and be zany and just create from that space. 

That will really support your sacral chakra and your business’s sacral chakra. 

If you’ve got any ideas about what you will do, share them in the comments below.

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!