What role does the base chakra play in increasing your clients? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about your base chakra and your business’s base chakra, and the role that they play in increasing the quality and the quantity of your clients. 

I’m also going to share a few strategies you can use to enhance the base chakra of you and your business, to attract in your ideal clients.

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So the base chakra is about stability, security and support. Now, this is the same whether it’s for you or whether it’s for your business. 

For you, it’s about your basic needs being taken care of, such as food, water, shelter, and money, which are very important parts of your base chakra. 

For your business, it’s obviously not quite the same, but it’s about the systems of your business – that’s how your business feels supported. It also feels supported by the flow of money.

So, how does this affect the clients that are coming to you? 

Well, one of the things is that your clients will come to you if they trust you, if they feel supported by you, if you and your business feel stable and secure. They need to feel stable and secure to be able to hand over their money to you, to trust you with what’s going on in their life. 

So they’re really drawn into a business that feels stable and secure, much more than one that might feel a little bit flighty. So this is a really important aspect. 

So what can you do to ensure this? To support this? What can you do to your base chakra?

1. Be consistent in your message

One of the most important things is that you are consistent in your business. Consistent not just in how you show up, but consistent in your message. 

Is your Facebook page giving a different message to your website which may be giving a different message to a LinkedIn profile? Because that doesn’t make someone feel stable and secure if they’re getting these different messages. 

Are you being consistent in the message that you share on behalf of your business every week? Or one week is there this offering, then the next week another, then the next week another? That makes it very hard for people to trust you – to feel secure and supported by you – when there are all these different energies and different aspects that you’re presenting to them. 

2. Seamless systems

Another important aspect is the systems. The way that the clients can book a free chat with you, the way they can book a session with you, the way they can pay you – is that easy? Is it seamless? Do they not even have to think about it, they just feel welcomed into this lovely supportive structure that you have?

So this is vital and it’s something that a lot of online female entrepreneurs do not address early on. But if you want to attract in your clients, this is a very important part of the stability of the base chakra of your business. 

3. Stay grounded

The third thing is is more to do with you – are you grounded? Because I can assure you, clients are much more likely to be attracted to you if you are grounded. 

Just think about the fact that the energy you’re putting out is what you attract in. 

If you’re wanting to attract in clients who are grounded, clients who are willing to pay – which is part of that groundedness and that base chakra energy – you have to be emitting that energy. You have to be the same. If you are being very flighty – very upper chakra – that’s who you’re going to attract in, and that may not be who you need in your business in terms of stable clientele coming through. 

So these are three important things that you can start with. 

Share with me in the comments below – Is there something that you are going to implement both for yourself and for your business? Or just one or the other? Make a commitment to doing that, to help your base chakra be supportive of attracting in your ideal clients. 

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Let’s get you co-creating with your business!