Do you do a regular declutter of your business systems? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the importance of regularly decluttering to keep the energy body of your business clear.

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The systems are very much associated with the base chakra of your business. They’re the structure, they provide the stability and the support, and this is vital for your business to really grow and blossom into all it can be – it needs a strong foundation. 

The idea of that strong foundation of the base chakra is that it stays aligned to where the business is currently vibrating. 

So the thing is, as your business evolves and changes, you end up with old stuff clogging it up – stuff you don’t use anymore. Maybe systems you don’t use anymore, or elements of those systems, and this holds your business back. This is like a weight in the business base. This stops the base chakra – which is to do with the money, the cash flow in the business – from being all that it can be, from being clear and open. 

So what can you do about that? 

Clear all the old stuff out!

Firstly, look at your scheduling system. Have a look at the appointment types that people can book. Are they still relevant? Maybe there are things you offer such as programmes, which you’re not offering anymore, but they’re still sitting there. 

That’s one example of the sort of thing you can clear out. 

Have a look at your Canva library. All those images in there, do you still use them? Are they still relevant? Do they hold an old energy of the way the business was? 

Clear them out. 

Have a look at any old images or old photos that you might use. You might have a collection of selfies or they might be professional shots – but are you still using them? Have you updated them, but the old ones are still sitting there in the systems of the business? 

Clear it out. 

You might just have old file copies that you’ve written that are no longer relevant yet are still sitting on your computer. Maybe it’s on an app you use, but it’s still there. And you know you’re not going to use that again. Things have changed so much since then. It’s old energy. It’s old blocked energy, pulling your business back into what it was and not allowing it to be what it is now. 

So energetically, it is so liberating for your business when you do a declutter. 

It allows your business to be what it is now, and not the shadow of what it was – which is what this old energy does, it pulls it back. It really stops it moving forward. 

Just like in life, decluttering is vital for freedom and for expansion. 

So if you want your business to expand into all it can be, declutter those systems, support the base chakra of your business to be strong, to be clear and to be aligned energetically with where your business is at right now. 

Share in the comments what you are going to do to declutter the systems of your business.

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Let’s create alchemy in your business!