Let’s talk websites. 

Does the website of your business truly represent your business’s energy? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the importance of this, and also give you some tips on what you can do to make sure that this is happening.

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Your business’s website is very connected with the base chakra of your business. In many ways for an online business, the website is the physical presence of the business. It doesn’t change as much as your social media – it’s more rock solid. 

So it’s really important that even though it doesn’t change as regularly in terms of content and so on, that you do keep it up to date. 

Many people create their website and then just leave it. When they revisit that website after a couple of months (let alone six to twelve months), the energy of the business has shifted. The energy of the website feels really old, and it’s really not congruent with the business now.

Energetically, this is really affecting the base chakra of the business. 

It’s almost like it provides a weight to it – it provides denser energy in it. 

We can often just set and forget our websites. 

But people are still visiting it. People are still going to it and reading the energy of that website. And if the energy of that website is not reflecting the energy of your business, they won’t work with you. Or what you’ll find is the people who are resonating with the website energy, aren’t really your ideal clients anymore. 

The business has shifted and the energy of the business has shifted, but you’re bringing people in through this website who are vibrating differently, looking for different things to what you currently provide and to what the energy of your business currently is. 

It’s probably pretty obvious, but it is vital that you keep your website as up to date as possible. 

Now, here’s the thing: A brief website with up to date content – even if it’s just a landing page – is way more valuable and supportive of your business’s energy body than a comprehensive website with out of date information. 

So what do you need to do? 

1. Declutter

Clear it out. 

Take out anything from that website that doesn’t align with your business anymore. You don’t have to replace it yet, just take out anything that is not congruent with your business’s energy now. 

That can sometimes even be old testimonials that really aren’t relevant anymore because your work has changed. 

Take it out. Declutter the website, so that what is there, remains energetically aligned with your business and with you. 

It doesn’t even need to be replaced yet, that can happen gradually, but clear it out.

2. Get rid of old websites

If you’ve got a website that you’re no longer using, that isn’t relevant anymore – it might be from another business, it might be from this one – and it’s just sitting there in cyberspace, close it down. 

Old energy weighs down your business energy body. 

I will often see this when I’m doing a Business Energetic Blueprint. I can see when there’s old energy like that, and it holds back the business. It’s like it puts an anchor on the business and stops it moving forward in the direction it wants to move. 

So any old websites not in use, close them down. Get rid of them. 

It’s all about remaining present, remaining energetically aligned with the business right now. 

That’s it. That’s your filter. 

Is this my business right now? No.  

Does this reflect the energy of my business right now? No. Take it away. 

I would love you to share in the comments how you feel when you hear this. And what are you going to do about it? How are you going to bring your website into alignment with your business’s current energy?

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