Do you have a big vision for your business? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about why it is mandatory that your business has its own big vision.

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The big vision of the business is very linked in with both the third eye and the crown chakras. 

The blueprint of the business sits in the crown chakra, and it is very much about it’s hugest vision. 

The third eye chakra also holds this and takes it one step further in that it breaks it down. The detail of getting to that vision is also a part of the third eye. 

Very often when I have a look clairvoyantly at a business’s energy body, there can be a void in this area if the person who owns the business has not really focused on the business’s vision.

I’ll often see this not so much in the third eye or in the crown, but in the front of the aura – so in the future. It’s almost like there’s this space there, and the thing is, with a business’s vision, it’s like a magnet – it draws the business towards it. 

The way I see it situated in the aura, that’s what it looks like. It looks like it’s this guiding light, leading the business towards it. 

So if there is not a big vision, the business just sort of wanders around aimlessly. It takes one path, then another, then another, and you might have experienced that with your business. 

The big vision is vital. 

That magnet is needed to draw the business in the direction that it wants to expand into. 

If you haven’t done this – or if you have done it before, it might be time to revisit it – sit down, get out a bit of paper, you might like to just meditate a little bit first, but I want you to write your biggest possible vision for your business. 

It doesn’t have to be completely ideological, it can have some tangibles in it (ie. income, how that looks and what your role in it is). But write the biggest possible vision.

As I’ll often say to my clients, it’s like the little girl dreaming her biggest dream, dreaming that she can be a princess in a castle. There’s not one thought that enters her mind about HOW she can do that. This is what it’s like. 

I want you to dream your biggest dream for your business. 

Play with it. Have fun with it. Don’t take it seriously. This is creation. This is getting that sacral chakra energy in there. Create it, play with it, tweak it. 

But the thing is, once you’ve got it out there, it’s like you’ve said to your business, ‘Okay, here you go. Here’s my contribution to you today. Here’s your biggest vision, let’s work towards this together.’ 

And it really is like a guiding light for the business. 

Then the next part of that is that when you create some content, when you do anything to do with your business, you can just quickly run it by that big vision. 

Is this a stepping stone to that big vision? 

Is this aligned with that big vision? 

It’s almost like it becomes a filter then. 

Here’s the thing: A big vision can change, it’s not set in stone. It can change and it will change. And you go with those changes. 

As your business gets stronger and stronger in its energy body and develops more, your business will actually take on its own big vision without you necessarily having a conscious awareness of it. 

It might only be if someone like myself looks at it energetically that that potential is shown to you. 

But even if you don’t have that done, the business will eventually let you know that it has a bigger vision. 

That’s a really fascinating place to get to in the journey. 

What I would like you to do is just write in the comment below: What is your big vision for your business? Share it, spread it out there, verbalise it, make it tangible for your business so that your business has that guiding light. 

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