Is your Facebook page a major part of your marketing strategy? Does it represent the true energy of your business? 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about how important it is that your social media reflects your business’s true energy – that they’re energetically aligned.

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The thing is with a medium like a Facebook page – particularly if you’ve got an online business – it is one of the major communication centres, so it is the throat chakra of your business in so many ways. What it is communicating must be aligned energetically with the energy body of your business.

It’s also a part of the physical representation of the business. For this reason, the base chakra of the business is really affected by your Facebook page because of this physical representation. 

The other chakras also play a role in your Facebook (I’m mentioning Facebook, but it can be any social media – LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram), but what is on that Facebook page must be aligned with each of those chakras of the business. 

It must be aligned with your business’s vision and with its true message. 

If not, it’s like putting an energetic veil over your business. The people who are reading those posts are not getting the true essence of your business. 

The thing is, it’s not about what they’re reading, it’s about the energetic vibration of your page. Your Facebook page holds a lot of energy. If you’ve been building that page for a long time, even six months, there is a lot of content, a lot of energy in that page. 

You think of all the people who’ve liked posts or commented on them, the people following your page – all their energy is in that page. 

How can you make sure your Facebook page is energetically aligned with your business and therefore supporting your business in its success? 

1. Look at the posts

Scan through and have a look at the:

  • Posts you’ve written
  • Images you’ve used
  • Quotes you’ve put in there 
  • Stories you’ve told
  • Livestreams you’ve done 

Do they represent the essence of your business? Are they the heart of your business? Are they the soul of your business? Or is there just a lot of fluff and things that have nothing to do with the essence of your business? 

If this is the case, it might be time to revisit what you’re posting on your Facebook page. 

It is the voice of the business, and it reflects the business’s heart. 

Have a look at that first and make sure what you’re posting in the future is energetically aligned with your business. 

2. Make sure it has the energy of your ideal clients in it

Is the energy of the people following the page aligned with your business?
Are they vibrating at the level that you want your clients to vibrate at? 

I’m not saying is it higher or lower, it’s just a frequency. Are your followers the frequency of the people who are your ideal clients? If not, they’re going to create a different energy and a different vibration of your Facebook page. And then it’s not going to attract in the people who you really want to come in, who you really want to be buying your services. 

Be very discerning in who you ask to like your page. Don’t just stick a post out there saying ‘Please like my page, I need another 50 people to get to 500’.

You can do that, but say ‘If my work resonates with you, please like my page’. 

This can be challenging when we start our business because we just want people to like our page.

You are better off with 10 people who are aligned energetically with your business and putting that energy into your Facebook page, than you are with 10,000 people who never visit, but their energy is there and that’s going to bring the vibration of that page to a level that maybe isn’t aligned with what your business actually is. 

3. Objectively visit your page

Look at your page objectively as a visitor – what do you see? What grabs you? What speaks to you on that page? 

Is it the energy that you’re really wanting in your page? 

Put on your objectivity hat and have a look at it through another person’s eyes. Is it aligned?

If it’s not, change it now. 

Make sure that what you post from now on is completely resonant with your business’s energy. 

4. Keep your testimonials updated

Check that your testimonials and reviews are not from three years ago. 

If so, get some updated ones, and keep the new energy coming in.

This is important in all your social media, but since many of the people who will be reading this blog probably have a Facebook page, that’s why I’ve focused on that for today. 

Please let me know in the comments what your initial thoughts around this are. Do you feel really good about your page and it’s representative of your business? Or have you realised that change is definitely needed?

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