Would you love to communicate with your business so you knew what it wanted? 

In this blog, I’ll chat about why your business should be your biz buddy, and how to open a clear channel of communication with your business.

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Would you love to communicate with your business so you knew what it wanted? 

In this blog, I’ll chat about why your business should be your biz buddy, and how to open a clear channel of communication with your business. 

The thing to understand first is that your business is a separate entity. It is separate from you. 

It’s sometimes hard for us entrepreneurs to get our head around that – we are so embedded in our business – but it is a separate entity with a separate energy body. 

You have a relationship with your business. It’s so important that this is a collaborative relationship, that this is a partnership, that you and your business are in this together side by side with a common goal in mind. 

Very often, we can end up in a push/pull relationship with our business and this happens when we don’t recognise it as an individual entity – when we see it as part of ourselves. 

Separating yourself from it is the first step, and then make the decision that you want to collaborate with it and be partners. 

Then it’s all about improving your communication skills, just like in any relationship. 

So how can you do that? How can you communicate with your business? How can you make it your biz buddy? 

A very simple tool that I use is a visualisation or meditation. The first thing is just to sit quietly and close your eyes. Then invite your business entity to come and just be opposite you. As it holds that space opposite you, tune in to how you feel in its presence. 

What happens for you? 

Tune into your body – into your physical body. 

What does it feel like? 

How does your business’s energy affect your energy? 

Pay attention to it physically, emotionally, and to any thoughts that cross your mind.

Just sit with that energy, and then really open your heart to your business. Send your heart energy into the heart energy of the business. 

Connect with it in that way. 

Then see again, how do you feel with that? How do you feel with this connection? What’s the business’s response to that connection? 

This is really practising your self-awareness, what’s going on in your body and what’s going on in your emotions, because this is the way the business’s energy body is connecting with you. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a voice other than this way, because you are its voice

Practise doing that and just getting comfortable with that. 

When you can really start to feel that, the next step is to ask it a question. 

Ask anything. 

Once you’ve asked, just be in silence and wait for its response. 

You might get an image, you might get a thought – be still and don’t discount anything. Whatever crosses your mind, grab it and take it in.

It may not be straight away, it might be some time through the day when you’ll suddenly get the answer (of course it was there all along, but you’ll suddenly allow it in). 

If it’s difficult to do this in a meditation process, you might like to do it by journaling. 

You could still connect in with the business in the same way, but write your question, and then write the answer on the business’s behalf and see what comes out. 

Some people find this way easier than being in that meditative state. 

I recommend starting your business day with this. 

Before you get into work, sit down, invite your business in and have a little team meeting to start the day. You can ask any questions, ask for any advice, and just connect in with your business energetically, so that you’re starting the day together as a team, as partners on the same page and on the same path. 

This is what the business journey is all about – you and your business being on the same path side by side supporting each other. This is vital.

When you get a chance to experiment with this little visualisation, please write a comment below about how this showed up for you. What did you feel when you connected with your business? 

If you would like to know more about this and if you would like to experience me taking you through a guided visualisation with this journey, you can grab my free visualisation Meet Your Business here: jacquelynatkins.com/visualisations

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