Why does your business need a strong crown chakra? 

Today I’m going to chat about why a strong crown chakra is vital for your business’s success, and what you can do to clear any blocks in the crown chakra so that the crown is operating as powerfully as it can for your business.

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What is the crown chakra about in your business? 

The crown chakra is almost like the business’s connection to its essence – to when you first had that inspiration for a business. That inspiration is planted in the crown chakra of the business, and it is the blueprint of the business. 

In that blueprint, you can see the full potential of what that business can develop into. 

This is held in the crown chakra of the business, it’s pretty mind-blowing really when you think about it. 

In that way, the crown chakra of the business is the absolute biggest vision that you can have for the business – the biggest dream that you hold for your business. It’s almost like take that big vision you’ve currently got and quadruple it – keep making it bigger – because that’s what’s held in the blueprint of the business. 

Your job as the guardian of the business is to nurture your business and to guide it along so that it can move into that fullest version of itself. 

It’s a very powerful chakra. It’s very exciting and a little bit etheric – it’s not very physical at all. 

It is the essence of the business, and it is that big vision that actually magnetises the people, the resources and all the situations that your business needs to move into this biggest vision of itself. 

Where there can be blocks in the crown chakra of the business is when you do not allow the business to have its biggest vision, when you do not dream it for your business, and when you put blinkers on and narrow down what you think is possible for your business. You keep it small in your visioning. You don’t allow yourself to stretch out further to support the business in its bigger vision. 

So often when I’m doing a Business Energetic Blueprint, I find that the potential that’s in the crown chakra of the business is so much bigger than what the business creator thought possible. It can often be in quite a different direction to where the business owner wanted to take it as well.

So remember that it is a separate entity, and if you do the communicating with your business that I talked about in blog 29 – Why your business needs a strong third eye chakra, you will find you can tap more and more into this big vision – the crown chakra of your business. 

So what can you do to help clear any blocks that are here? 

1. Dream that biggest dream

Dream that biggest dream and then make it even bigger. Really make it bigger. 

What would make your heart sing in your business? 

If you had all the money that you needed and you didn’t need to work in your business for money, what aspects of the business would you still do? 

Maybe it’s all of it, or maybe there are some you’d leave behind and go forward with the others. 

That gives you a hint about the big vision of the business. 

So you can start with that, and then just play and get bigger and bigger, and keep revisiting that vision. Keep aligning yourself with it. As I talked about with the third eye, that becomes the magnet that draws your business towards it. 

If you haven’t dreamt the biggest possible dream, it can’t happen. 

So that’s a really important aspect of clearing the crown chakra of your business.

2. Tap into why that business was created

What was the spark that created it? 

What was the passion you felt at that time?

Because that spark is the source of that blueprint that I’m talking about. 

It can be helpful to revisit that as well. 

Maybe revisit that before you actually write your big vision. Or if you’ve already got a big vision, revisit it before you expand on that big vision and make it even bigger. 

Those are great ways to help clear the crown chakra of the business. 

And the other thing is to do a visualisation on clearing your business’s energy body. You can access mine at jacquelynatkins.com/visualisations. It’s a 12-minute visualisation that helps clear all the chakras of your business, and then bring them all into balance and alignment and fills them with a really beautiful light that resonates with the blueprint of your business. So listening to that to clear your business’s energy body will really support your business to move into its full potential. 

If you’d love to find out more about the crown chakra in business, I recommend Blog 43 – Clearing your crown chakra to increase your clients