Why does your business need a strong third eye chakra? 

In today’s blog, I’m going to have a look at why a strong third eye chakra is important for your business’s success. 

I’m also going to give you a couple of little tips to help strengthen and clear the third eye chakra of your business.

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The third eye chakra of your business is about the big vision. It’s also about the detail required to get to that big vision. 

The action steps and goals are an important part of the third eye component. 

It’s also about decision making – which ties in with that as well – and about balancing the intuitive and the mental components of the third eye, and making sure that they’re both evident in the business and in the way that you’re planning your business. 

What can happen if a third eye chakra of a business isn’t very strong, is that the vision isn’t there. 

The vision is like a magnet drawing the business along towards it. If you haven’t really sat down in collaboration with your business to really feel into the big vision of the business, it’s really difficult to break it down into goals and action steps that are going to get you there. 

This is where we don’t support our businesses in strengthening and having a clear third eye. 

So the detail is important as well as the bigger picture, and as I said, decision making is a really important part of that as well. 

How can blocks show up in the third eye of your business? 

This is very often when there isn’t a big vision, so that magnet isn’t there drawing the business towards it. 

What happens as a result of that is the business becomes a bit aimless – it wanders and it changes direction – because the big vision isn’t there to guide it and pull it along. 

It can feel like you’re just not moving forward. 

Also if you are not goal setting on behalf of your business, and so not taking steps towards that big vision, this will also contribute to aimlessness and chasing your tail in your business. 

This will cause blocks in the third eye chakra of the business. 

The other thing is that if you’re operating from an incredibly mental perspective – and that’s needed in terms of strategy and so on – it’s really important that it’s balanced with the intuitive side. 

So even though you may have been told by a mentor that this is the right thing to do and this is the path to follow, if you know intuitively that it feels like your business wants to do something else – to go another way and do it differently – it’s important that you honour that intuitive component.

So what can you do to help clear the third eye chakra of the business? 

1. Plan and set goals

This is one of the very important components which uses the mental aspect of the third eye. 

Make sure you have goals. Have your big vision, and then have the goals to help take you towards that big vision. 

That’s a really important part of the third eye, and you can break that down. It may be a yearly, a six monthly, a quarterly, a weekly and a daily goal, but those goals are there as a guiding light to pull the vision and the business along in its path. 

2. Talk with your business

Find out what your business wants. 

If this sounds like a bit of an alien concept to you, I do have a little free visualisation called Meet Your Business. It’s just a short visualisation where you actually connect in with your business and meet it in a collaborative way.

You’re actually meeting the business through your third eye, and connecting in with the business through its third eye. So meeting it in this way can be really powerful in understanding your business, in aligning your business and in moving forward collaboratively with your business. 

So there are a couple of things you can do. 

If you’re interested in listening to that visualisation, you can find it here  jacquelynatkins.com/visualisations

I’d love for you to share any comments or insights you have from hearing about the third eye of your business, and any steps that you’re going to take to help support and clear the third eye of your business. 

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