Why does your business need a strong throat chakra?

In this blog, I’m going to look at why a strong throat chakra is vital for your business’s success. 

I’m also going to share some strategies with you to help clear and align the business’s throat chakra with your throat chakra.

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It’s fairly obvious that you’re going to want a strong throat chakra for your business. 

The throat chakra of the business is all about the expression of what the business is to the outside world. So the business needs a strong throat chakra. 

It’s also interesting because you’re the spokesperson for the business, so it’s very much about having your throat chakra in balance with the business’s throat chakra. 

The throat chakra is all about expressing what the essence of the business is – really capturing what the passion is, what drives the business, and the business’s reason for being – and communicating that through the throat chakra to the outside world and to those potential customers. 

So it is a really important chakra to have clear for your business.

It can get blocked for a couple of different reasons. 

One that I see fairly often is that the copy for the business is not written in the business’s voice. It’s not written from that passion. It’s not written from your voice. It is written either in a way that perhaps a coach or mentor suggested you write it, or it may have even been written by a copywriter, and what’s happened in that process is that you can lose that initial passion, you can lose that initial voice that belongs to the business. 

Very often it can become too professional, and in the attempt to be professional, you lose the heart. 

In an attempt to follow a specific format, you lose the heart. 

So when someone reads that copy or watches that video (it can happen verbally, but tends to happen more on a written form of communication), it’s very difficult for those ideal clients to really resonate with the energy of the business, because it’s not coming right from that heart and from that passion. 

This can cause blocks in the throat chakra of the business, and it’s probably one of the most common blocks that I see in a business’s throat chakra.

So what can you do about it?

1. Ensure the copy is written in your voice

Make sure that even if someone else has written your copy, contributed or suggested a way for you to write that copy, that you revisit it and look at it. Feel into if the passion of the business is in that copy and if the purpose of the business is being portrayed beneath those words. Is that energy still coming across? 

That’s what’s going to bring in those ideal clients. 

This is a really important thing to make sure of in any sort of communication of your business and what it does.

2. Communicate your message verbally, even if it’s then transcribed

Verbal communication actually comes from the heart much more strongly. When I’m chatting in a vlog, I’m connecting more with my heart energy and with the business’s heart energy in that expression. 

If I were to write it down, I would be coming much more from my mind. 

Sometimes it’s quite easy to bypass the heart energy when you’re doing it in written form, because you think a lot more and you’re correcting as you go. 

When you’re communicating verbally, your message has less opportunity to go through the mind and tends to come from the intuitive aspect of the third eye, rather than the mind aspect. 

It comes more from the heart and the essence. 

So the two things to look at are: Is your copy coming from the heart and is the passion there? And are you also making sure you’re communicating verbally, at least as often as you’re communicating in a written form for your business? 

That will help clear your business’s throat chakra, and it will also help bring it into alignment with your throat chakra and your passion.

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