Why does your business need a strong heart chakra? 

In this blog, I’m going to explain why a strong heart chakra is vital for your business’s success. 

I’m also going to give you a couple of strategies that you can implement to help clear and strengthen the heart chakra of your business. 

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Firstly, what is the heart chakra of your business all about? 

The heart is very much to do with giving and receiving. 

Most of us have service-based businesses so we’re pretty good at the giving, but not always so good at the receiving. This is often reflected in your business. 

It’s like your business gives out so much but it doesn’t always get the same amount back in. 

If it’s just focused on giving, it’s actually more of a hobby. This is a business – it has to be receiving in the same way that it’s giving out. 

The heart chakra of your business is also about building relationships. That is what you’re doing as part of your business, but it’s also a vital part of the business’s support system. 

Having those relationships aligned with the business are really important.

The other thing that the heart chakra of the business is about, is this is where the essence of the business is contained – that part of the business that is the reason it birthed – and what it truly is at its core. 

They’re all aspects of the heart chakra of the business. 

From what I’ve explained here, it’s pretty obvious why the heart chakra of the business needs to be clear and strong. 

It truly is the heart of the business. 

It’s imperative that it is aligned. 

So why are there blocks in the heart chakra of a business? 

I’ve already hinted at that in terms of the receiving. 

Your business is meant to receive, that’s what it’s set up for. 

It’s so important that it’s open to receiving. It’s not just about receiving from customers and not just about receiving money, but it is also about receiving acknowledgement and recognition for what the business is. 

It’s about receiving that acknowledgement and recognition from you as well. Are you giving to the business so that it can receive? Are you appreciating it?

That’s a reason why there can be blocks in your business. 

There can also be blocks in your business’s heart chakra if the people around you are not aligned with the business. 

Your business has a certain vibration and it wants to attract people who have a similar vibration. 

If you have people – whether it be clients, people supporting your business’s systems, a mastermind group you’re in, or a coach that you have – and those people are not aligned with the vibration of the heart of your business, that’s going to cause blocks in the heart of the business. This is actually going to make it more of a struggle for the business to give, receive and really operate from its essence and from what it really is. 

So what can you do to shift these blocks?

1. You can give to your biz

In terms of the receiving side, you can give to your biz, you can honour and acknowledge your biz. I mentioned that a little bit when I talked about the solar plexus chakra of the business

It’s also important that you have those systems in place (which links in with the base chakra) for the business to receive.

Are you telling people about your offers? Or are you just giving out without a call to action at the end? 

The call to action is honouring the heart chakra of your business to receive. 

When people follow that call to action, is it easy for them to book in and to give your business money? This is the heart chakra of the business, this is about making it easy for your business to receive. 

Setting up those channels is vital for the heart chakra of your business. 

2. Have a look at the people involved in your business

Have a look at your clients. Are you energetically aligned with your clients? Are you saying no to those clients that you know are not aligned with your business? If you take them on, they’re going to cause blocks in the heart chakra of your business. 

Are your peers people who really support and see your business for what it is, and help to lift it even higher? Do your coaches and mentors do that as well?

Be really clear on who’s supporting your business and who’s involved in your business, and make sure you’re very discerning about the vibration that they’re bringing into the heart chakra of the business. 

So look at your system to receive and look at the support that your business has in the relationships and the people around it. 

They’re two things you can do right now to start clearing the heart chakra of your business and allowing it to really blossom into its fullness. 

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