Why does your business need a strong solar plexus chakra? 

In this blog, I explain why a strong solar plexus chakra is vital for your business’s success, and I share a couple of strategies with you to help strengthen the solar plexus chakra of your business.

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So what is the solar plexus chakra of your business all about?

The solar plexus, just like for you, is about worthiness. It’s about identity, taking action and being empowered. 

If you have a push/pull relationship with your business, the business is not going to feel worthy. The solar plexus chakra can be really affected by your relationship with the business. 

So why is having a strong solar plexus important for your business?

As I said, this is the action chakra. This is what implements things. You can have the ideas in the sacral chakra, but it’s through the solar plexus that those ideas are carried out and actioned so that they actually become reality. 

That’s a vital part of the solar plexus. 

It also must feel empowered. It must feel that it’s fulfilling its purpose. 

What sort of blocks can you get in the solar plexus chakra? 

The worthiness can be quite a big one. If you do have a push/pull relationship with your business, if you’re not feeling love towards your business and sharing that sense of love with your business, that can cause blocks in the solar plexus of it. 

If the business is unsure about its identity, it will hold that old energy in there. 

Perhaps you’ve changed its name, the logo, the colours, or maybe you’re still using old ones that don’t resonate with what the business is now. This can cause the business to be confused energetically. 

You might still have some aspects of the business in an old name, maybe on the Facebook page or just in a bank account, which is causing the business to be unsure about what it is now. 

The business holds all of this energetically.

Another block that can show up is when you’re not taking action. If you’re not following through on things, not following up with clients, not actioning your marketing strategy, or procrastinating in any way and not taking action, you are causing a block in the business’s solar plexus energy. 

So what are a couple of things that you can do to help your business’s solar plexus?

1. Make it feel worthy and loved

It’s as simple as that. 

That might be just connecting with it every morning energetically before you start your day, sharing your appreciation, sharing why you are grateful that your business is in your life, why you’re working collaboratively together, how your business is supporting you and how you want to support your business in return. 

Just getting away from the push/pull relationship and getting into a loving relationship will really support your business’s energy body and the solar plexus in particular

2. Remove any identity issues 

Remove anything that doesn’t feel in alignment with your business.

For example, in terms of branding colours, do they still feel aligned with the business with where it’s at now? Are they representing the business? Or it may be that you’re using different colours in different places or different logos in different places. 

Streamline the business’s identity and make sure it really is congruent with where the business is at now.

3. Take action

Are you taking action? Or are you procrastinating? 

Are there obvious action steps there in front of you that you’re not taking?

YOU are the action taker on behalf of your business. It’s really important that the business is taking action towards those goals that you’ve set for it. 

These are three ways that you can really support the business’s solar plexus chakra to be strong. 

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