Why does your business need a strong sacral chakra? 

Today I’m going to chat about why this is important, and I’m going to give you some strategies for how you can clear and strengthen the sacral chakra of your business to support its success.


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The sacral chakra is the second chakra, and it is usually associated with the colour orange. 

In your business, just like in your personal energy body, the sacral chakra is about creativity. 

From that first inspiration that you get about your business – which comes in through the crown chakra where a blueprint of the business comes through – it’s almost like the egg is fertilised and planted in your sacral chakra. From there, it gestates until the business is ready to be expressed to the outside world through the throat chakra. 

All your creative inspirations for your business are planted in the sacral chakra in the same way; they gestate there until they’re ready to be expressed. 

So your sacral chakra and the sacral chakra of your business are very creative places. 

This chakra is also about attraction. A strong sacral chakra in your business is about attracting clients and attracting resources. 

They’re two really important aspects of your business’s sacral chakra – the attraction and the creativity – and both of them have a vital role to play in your business’s success. 

Let’s first have a look at the creative aspect of the sacral chakra. As I said, any ideas that you have to do with your business are birthed here. 

What can cause a block in your business’s sacral chakra is when you have old ideas that you didn’t see through to fruition or you’ve changed direction in your business. You’ve still got those old ideas sitting there in the chakra, and they’ve not been cleared out yet. 

This can often be in your copy or on your website where there is still mention of it. Due to the fact that there’s mention of it, the energy of it still sits in the business’s sacral chakra. 

This can cause blockages in the sacral chakra because these have been abandoned. 

It might even be that your business has changed direction – you may have morphed from one business to another – and that old business is still taking up space in your business’s sacral chakra. 

That means there’s less space energetically for you to create the new. 

Clearing out that old stuff is really important for your business’s sacral. 

Now let’s look at the attraction side of the business’s sacral chakra and why there can be blocks there.

The attraction is a sexual energy. In humans, that’s the sexual energy that you put out – that energy of feeling attractive and of attracting others to you. That comes about from really being authentically you. 

It’s the same with your business. 

Is your business attractive to the outside world? 

If people are looking at the physical representation of your business through your website, does it attract them in? Are the emails that you send out attractive? Or are they in tiny little font and not inviting people to come in, read them and want more? 

Have a think about the attractive energy within your business. 

Think about whether you’re really utilising that energy. Is the sacral of your business allowed to be attractive? Or are you shutting it down a little bit? 

That’s a really important element of the sacral chakra, and an area that I will often see blocked. 

It’s not just about attracting in clients, it’s about what that then means, which is attracting in abundance. 

They’re two aspects of the sacral chakra where you will often see blocks. 

So what can you do about it?

1. Let go of old creative projects

If they’re not relevant to you anymore and they’re not relevant to your business anymore, remove all mention of them from wherever they’ve been advertised. Make sure they’re not a part of your business anymore. Really take them out of this creative space to allow other creative energies to birth there. 

That’s one really important aspect. 

That could be: 

  • Old business ideas that you had that actually may have embedded in the business
  • The way your business has previously existed before having a little bit of a morph into what it currently is
  • A package that you offered that you no longer offer 

Creatively you’ve moved on, you’ve got new creative ideas and new packages, but those old things are still sitting there energetically because they’re still being represented somewhere in your promotional stuff. 

Going through that aspect is really important to clear out the business’s sacral chakra.

2. Play

Think about what creativity is about. 

It’s about playing.

Make sure that you are playing in your business, and that you’re having fun with the creativity within the new ideas that are coming up.

Play because that energy of play comes across then and feeds into that attractiveness.

That playful joyful energy will attract in. 

Play with your ideas. When you feel inspired, play with that. You may not always use those ideas, but actually, the sacral chakra will be so energised by the energy of play, that it will just radiate attractiveness. 

They are two things you can do to help your business to have a strong sacral chakra. 

I’d love to know whether this has brought up anything for you. If you’ve had any aha moments or you’ve decided there are some things you need to do or some action steps you need to take, please let me know in the comments below. 

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