Why does your business need a strong base chakra? 

In this blog, I explain why a strong base chakra is vital for your business’s success, and I share some strategies with you on how you can strengthen up your business’s base chakra.

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When we first come up with the idea for a business and get really excited about it, we engage our upper chakras – the heart chakra (passion), third eye chakra (vision), and throat chakra (talking about it).

It’s often not until later on, that we start to engage the base chakra of the business. 

The base chakra is the foundation of the business, it’s all about its support. It’s about the systems that we have in place. It’s very much related to the actual location of the business, as well as things like your Facebook page, your Instagram account, LinkedIn, or your website. They are all a part of the physical presence of your business. They are part of the foundation. 

Very often we get caught up in upper chakra stuff, and we don’t look at the base. We don’t look about how strong the business’s foundation is – do we have our systems in place to get this business off the ground? Very often we don’t, because we think we’ll wait until we make a bit more money before we get those in place. But what happens is it leaves your business a little bit rudderless. 

It needs a strong base to build everything else on. 

In my work reading the energy body of the business, it’s amazing how many businesses I find where the base isn’t strong, and where the base isn’t aligned with where it needs to be, to be a successful business.

As well as being about the foundation and the systems, the base chakra is about the flow of money. 

The base is the survival of anything. Your base chakra is about your survival. The base chakra of your business is about its survival. 

If you want a successful business, the base chakra is the one you should be looking at first. 

For most female entrepreneurs that I’ve encountered, it’s not.

I’m just going to share a couple of tips with you to help you support the base chakra of your business. Just simple and easy things to implement.

1. Have a physical location for your business

It might be on the dining room table which is fine, but make sure it is always there. That is the place. That’s the place where you hang up your ‘office is open’ sign. 

Whether you need something in your space just to ground that – ie. a crystal you have or some pens that you use every time you work that help to create that space. 

The base chakra of the business will feel stable; it’ll have a home. It will know that it’s ready to open and operate because it’s in its space. 

It’s such a simple thing, but it’s very important energetically for your business that you have this space. 

If you are travelling, have some sort of token that you can use that sets that space up energetically for your business. 

2. Make sure people can pay you easily

Have a system in place so that it is easy for your business to receive payment, and it is easy for your business to give out payment. It works both ways. It’s a flow.

Having a business bank account – it might just be a normal bank account, but it’s in use just for your business – is vital for your business’s foundation.

3. Keep track of your finances

Look after your business financially in terms of keeping track of your finances. Keep track of what’s coming in and what’s going out. 

Again, it can be very simple. It can be a basic spreadsheet. It can just be handwritten, but you’re doing it, you’re honouring the base of your business.

4. Keep your online business platforms up-to-date and congruent

This is something that I often see and is very important because a lot of people don’t honour this aspect of the base chakra of your business. 

An online business’s presence is very often through a website, a Facebook page and other social media pages, so you need to make sure that they’re all congruent. Make sure they all truly represent the business. 

Are they up to date? They are the foundation, they are the physical presence of your business. Are they truly expressing what your business is? Are they aligned with each other? Does your business feel supported by this online presence? By this physical presence? 

That is another thing that I find time and time again is not there. As a result, the foundation of the business – the base chakra of the business – can look really depleted.

They are a few little things to get you started to really honour your business’s base chakra. They’re the things that I most commonly see that are challenges in the base chakra of businesses. 

Implement these. They don’t cost you a cent, but they can help your business to feel much more supported, and they can help strengthen its foundation. 

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