Do you want to have a great relationship with your business? 

In this blog, I’m going to chat about how your business is an entity separate to you, and so it is vital that you understand that you’re in a relationship with your business, and the importance of making it a great relationship.

I’ll also give you a couple of strategies to improve your relationship with your business.

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Let’s go back to basics first to help you understand the fact that your business is a separate entity from you. From the moment you have that first spark, that idea for your business, it develops into its own entity and develops its own energy body from that point. Just like when you get the fertilisation of an egg and then the embryo develops into its own entity. 

It’s exactly the same with your business. 

Just like a child after it’s born and exposed to the outside world, to other people and eventually the education system, it forms quite a separate pathway from yours. 

Your business is exactly the same, except that we forget (just like some parents) to separate ourselves from the child, from the business, and to appreciate that it’s now on its own path and it has its own journey. So the only way we’re going to know about that journey is to talk about it with the business. 

Just like you, your business develops seven main chakras. Those chakras can become blocked by certain things that happen to the business – it may take on some of your blocks, or it may take on other blocks from other people that are involved in the business. But the only way you’re really going to know about this is to actually communicate with your business. 

This is why communication with your business is vital. 

I know it’s not quite as easy as sitting down to have a chat with someone else who can verbally communicate in a way you understand, but your business is speaking to you the whole time. 

It’s important from a very early stage that you develop the habit of chatting with your business. Not just saying what you want from the business, but actually hearing what the business wants from you so that it can move forward in a way that it really wants to. 

Mostly this is going to come intuitively. But you can also set up some scenarios to help you be able to communicate more clearly with your business. 

Appreciate that your business is separate from you. Just separating yourself like that can make a huge difference. It allows you to separate what your stuff is that you need to deal with, and what the business’s stuff is. 

So how can you communicate with your business? 

The more and more I work with businesses, I’m learning the many different ways, but here are the very simple starting points.

1. Journaling

You can journal from your perspective, but you can also journal as a conversation with your business. 

You might like to call your business by its name (but for many of us, that’s the same name as us so you might give it a little pet name), or you might just call it my biz

You can journal in a question format, for example by saying, ‘I’m a little bit stuck on my branding colours and I’m just not sure. What do you think? What feels right for you? What’s the right vibration for you?’

And you can actually just write and do it as automatic writing and see what comes out, pretending that your business is responding to you. 

2. Meditating

You could do the same thing in meditation by just sitting, communing, feeling your business sitting with you, and in your mind asking the question: ‘Is this package aligned with you? Does this feel like what is right for you in your development?’

Just sit with the feeling – you might actually hear a response, you might get some words across your mind, you might get a feeling in your body that’s a tightness or an expansion. 

It’s the same way that you would tap into your own intuition, but you would direct the question to the business. 

3. Just ask

You could even do it just in an everyday situation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in journaling or meditation, it could simply be by asking, ‘Hey biz, what do you think about …?’

Ask the question, put it out there, and then let the answer come to you. 

The thing is that when you are communicating with your business, you have to trust that you are hearing the business answering you. 

That takes a little bit of practise, but other than going to someone like myself and actually having the business’s energy body read, the only way that you can get better at communicating with your business is through practising. 

These are some easy steps for you to start the process, because this might be a whole new concept for you to think of your business as a separate entity with its own desires and its own path. Have you ever considered that your business may want to take a different path to you?

It’s amazing how very often I see my clients in a push/pull relationship with their business because they’re holding on to what they thought their business should be, but now their business has developed and it wants to move in a whole other direction. 

Start the relationship at a very young age if you can. But even if your business is older, start now – start communicating, start listening, honour your business as a separate entity with its own mind and its own dreams. Because that will make a huge shift in your relationship with your business. 

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