Why does every female entrepreneur need regular energetic alignment to ensure the success of her business? 

This is what I’m going to explore in today’s blog and why regular energetic alignment can actually help prevent the stress that can come from up-levelling in a business.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the startup stage or whether you’re at the six-figure stage, we all go through up-levelling. As we move into the next stage of business – to the next thing, to the first webinar, to the first launch, and so on and so forth – that up-levelling energy can really create chaos in our lives.

We’ve all experienced it, and today I want to talk about how regular energetic alignment can keep that to an absolute minimum. 

What do I mean by energetic alignment? 

In terms of the energy body, it simply means keeping it as clear as possible – removing any blocks, old beliefs, old memories, old thought forms, and things that can come up that could actually provide a block to you moving forward.

You might have the strategy, you might have the mindset, you know you’re going there and are ready for it, but this old block comes up that you have no idea where it comes from, very often you can’t even identify it, and you just suddenly feel like crap. 

Suddenly things start to go wrong. This is the up-levelling process, and it comes from the energy body. 

That’s what I mean by energetic alignment – keeping your energy body aligned with your mindset and your strategy. 

The reason that I wanted to talk about having regular energetic alignment is that often we can have an energy session and we come away feeling amazing – so much has been cleared out. We’ve been given all this insight and we might have some tools to use moving forward, but then we enter the spiral. It’s like we’ve shifted the block and we’re coming around and around until suddenly we hit it again. But it’s at a deeper level. 

And it freaks us out because we thought we had gotten rid of that block, but we have evolved considerably in that time, and this deeper layer has now come up for us to deal with. 

Then once that’s moved, we can go again… and so on. This is the process of life. 

The thing is, we don’t always make the energetic side a priority because we can’t see it. We experience it, we feel like crap, something’s going on, but because we can’t see it and it’s not so tangible, we don’t always do anything about it until we’re in crisis mode (similar to other areas of life). 

What I have come to realise, and particularly with the clients that I’m working with on an ongoing basis, is that as they keep moving forward in their business, keep having their energy bodies cleared, keep bringing up those deeper blocks and shifting them out before they really splatter them in the face, it actually allows for smoother sailing in the transition of their business. 

As I said, this is vital at any stage of business. 

A very important part of your business planning for the year should include those regular energetic checkups. 

It’s just like a health checkup but for your energy body. 

Whether you choose to do that quarterly or monthly – choose whatever works for you to keep your energy body as clear and evolving as possible. 

You want your energy to keep up with everything else that’s going on in your life. 

Sometimes our businesses can grow quickly, and our energy body has to be able to hold that vibration. 

This is why it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this regular servicing of our energy body is really important for business success as a female entrepreneur. 

I’d like you to think about what you could do. 

There are certainly things you could do yourself, such as chakra clearing meditations or using EFT tapping or other tools you may know

But you also might like to consider seeing a practitioner regularly who can see the deeper stuff, get to the heart of the issue and remove it before it decides to come up and manifest somehow in the physical plane. 

I would highly recommend that.

Work it out with your business strategy – how’s that going to fit into your strategy? When are the important times to have it? 

You might think, ‘I’m about to run a webinar so I’m going to have a session a week before the webinar to ensure that energetically I’m in the space to do it.’ Or ‘I’m about to launch that course. Let me do the preparation beforehand so I don’t get all the up levelling crap three days before the course has launched. ‘

I’d love you to make a note in the comments and share: What are you going to do? How are you going to look at the energetic component of your business, and of your body in relation to your business?

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